Monday, April 29, 2013

New arrivals and Personal Trainer

How is your Monday? 
Mine was quite energetic with 30 minutes of cardio and happy surprise :) I started this week a pack from MyRevolution!

Now, I am-restock with new Better Bodies shaped jacket and whey protein :)

Better Bodies jacket - front
Better Bodies jacket - back
 Jacket is fitting great and back logo is so fresh, perfect for spring! Beside that, zip is very practical.

And another thing which came today, and from which I am very happy is MyRevolution's Protein Pulver. There are whey supplements on the market, but with MyRevolution's products I know that I get the best quality!
This type of protein is whey one, which is quickly absorbed by the body - perfect for the recovery after sleep and training. MyRevolution's protein powder is mocca chocolate flavoured.

3kg of the best whey protein! :)

When and why do I use protein supplements?

*I use my proteins in the morning, to my oats - instead of dairy products who doesn't like chocolate flavoured oats? ;)
*I drink my second protein shake after heavy workouts on training days to help build muscles and enrich my daily food intake with good source of pure protein.
*I also use proteins for baking and to my protein coffee to have my daily foods/drink more nutrient value.
*Why 3 kilos? It  is more efficient to buy one big package than few smaller.

What to read more about protein powders?

Here you can read more about protein powders.
And here you can find my review of MyoProtein from MyRevolution.

Last but not least - Personal Trainer worth recommending!

Let me introduce you to Alexander Öqvist.
Not only is he a gym freak, but most importantly, he is a great Personal Trainer with big knowledge and proper attitude. 

He can help you achieving your goals quicker and better by finding your weak points and improving your form and diet.

If you are struggeling with your training and eating routine, he is the right person to speak with! 

Alexander's offer can be found here

Sunday, April 28, 2013

One day, all body workout

I found it difficult to train this week - mental attitude was bad, I forced myself to do leg day in Wednesday but had no fun at all by training... 

I decided to take Thursday and Saturday free with only light training on Friday (my aerobic class). That helped my body to recover and to gain strength for today's training.

I decided to do whole body workout, with little breaks between series, doing 2 exercises for bigger muscles groups and 1 for each of smaller groups.
90 minutes, 16 exercises after I was totally exhausted but really satisfied with my effort!

On today's training plan there were:
* (quads, butt) squats
* (quads, butt) dumbbells lunges
* (hamstrings) straight leg deadlifts
* (hamstrings) seated leg cursl
* (calf) seated calf raises
* (calf) standing calf raises
* (chest) dumbbell chest press
* (chest) dumbbell flies
* (shoulders) barbell shoulder press
* (shoulders) dumbbell side laterals
* (upper back)one arm dumbbell rows
* (upper back) lateral pulldowns
* (triceps) triceps pushdowns
* (bicep) biceps hammer curls
* (abs) hanging leg raises
* (abs) crunches
* (lower back) hyperextensions

Baby's got pumped!
Normally, I do not advice such long and exchousting workouts. But today I had time, energy and proper attitude and I really wanted to use that :)

pre-workout necessities: BCAA from MyRevolution, Fres (no calories high coffeine drink) and my training book

Tomorrow there will be a rest day with 30 minutes of cardio!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Birthday cake

My man had his birthday yesterday <3
For this special occasion I made birthday cake for him!

I used:
* chocolate healthier cake mix (40% less carbs, no sugar, 10% fiber)
* 3 eggs
* 100ml of neutral oil
* water

For frosting:
* melted Philadelphia Freia (Philadelphia with chocolate)
* mix of fresh berries

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Carrot cake oats

carrot cake breakfast oats
Foodporn for breakfast? Why not!
I made myself delicious oats with carrot and apples spread with lots of cinnamon.

For one big bowl of carrot cake oats you will need:
* one carrot (grated)
* one apple
* 30g of gluten free oats
* 1 scoop of protein powder mocca-chocolate flavour
* lots of cinnamon
* Sukrin Gold (or brown sugar)
* 1 spoon of Greek Yoghurt

Cook oats in water, with half of granted carrot, half of sliced apple, cinnamon and 2 spoons of Sukrin Gold.

After 5 minutes, take pan from heating and add scoop of protein powder (to increase protein value).

Topped oats with Greek Yoghurt, rest of granted carrots and apple. Add more cinnamon and Sukrin Gold on top! Enjoy :)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Books I recommend: 'Kiss that frog' by Brian Tracy

Becoming familiar with Brian Tracy works definitely changed my life's perspective. It wasn't a dramatic change like from 'success stories reviews', but still it helped me to find right mental attitude towards life and goals achievement. 

For those, who are not familiar with this personality, please take a time and read a quick bio of this amazing guy. Shortly speaking, Brian Tracy a millionaire, businessman, motivational speaker and personal development guru. He believes in hard work, dedication and commitment to success. It is not that I am not critical towards Brian. Sometimes his life perspective seems to kind for me, naive we can say. But still, in priorities I think it is a very wise man and each time I read/hear his books, I fell optimistic and goal oriented. 

american edition of 'Kiss that frog book'

There are many books of Brian Tracy which are worth recommending: Psychology of Selling, for those of you who are into sales, Eat that frog, about determining the worst obstacles and dealing with them, Mircales fo Self Discipline about creating your daily routines and making self-oriented actions a habit and more. 

polish edition of 'Kiss that frog' book
Lately I've got his (and Christina Tracy's Stein) book called 'Kiss that frog' which refers to his previous book 'Eat that frog'. 
Current book is concentrating not only about determining the most difficult obstacles and dealing with them. It is about turning them from negative into positive. 

All book based on the story about princess and frog. Princess wanted very badly to married a prince, but she found only ugly frog. Frog told her that if she kiss it, he will transform into prince charming. Princess didn't know if she suppose to believe disgusting frog... Why should she believe? The frog was really ugly and the last thing she wanted was kissing it..
However, she gave herself a chance and kiss that nasty little creature. Frog turned to be a really handsome prince! 
Princess didn't let her fears stops and she gave a try, even if she wasn't sure if she will get what she want. She ended her life happily married to handsome prince.
It is of course a huge metaphor  for all obstacles and difficulties occurring in our lives. 

Tracy in his book gives 12 strategies for dealing with problems as well as revealing in simple words truths about our attitude.
Book is easy written, short and clear. It won't take you much time to read it :)

And what does Brian Tracy and his book can relate to *Nordic Fitnesss*?

It isn't about fitness at all, isn't it? Yeah, it is not. However, with proper mental attitude, you can achieve your goals faster, and deal with problems more effective. No matter if problems are financial, health or emotional nature. 

If you are looking for some positive lecture, little self-help guide, this will be the perfect position for you. 
If your mindset is correct, your body will follow!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday, gym and finally spring

back training

It has been a while since I post my gym log. It is not that I didn't had any trainings. In fact, I am now in the middle of good training routine, but most of my workouts are pretty the same now ;) I've just started my 5 week of Lean Body Program from

shoulders, chest and triceps today!

After long, long months of snow/rain/cold spring finally came to Oslo! I am happy about going back to my running outside routine. However, today I made my training indoors and it was chest-shoulders-triceps day. 
But, to enjoy the sun and nice weather, I take a little longer stroll after work. 

plank on bosu ball - great core/stability exercise for the end of training!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Saturday's banana cake

dry and muggy banana cake

Saturday is a good day for splurge, cheating and letting yourself go a little back from diet track.
However, your Saturday treat doesn't have to be full of sugar and with no nutrition value.

This recipe contains good source of carbohydrates (bananas), protein (whey protein powder) and fats (fro egg yolk). 
*I have already made cake/bread like that before, but then I used milk instead of water.

For 6 big pieces of banana cake you will need:
* 2 big mature bananas
* 2 scoops of protein powder (Reflex's Instand Whey Deluxe Banofee flavour would be perfect)
* 2 tea spoons of Sukrin Gold (or other sweetener which can be use in high temperature)
* 2 tea spoons of baking powder
* 1 whole egg and 1 white egg 
* 1 scoop of sesame flour (or almond flour)
* water

For preparation: Mash bananas with fork, add dry ingredients and mix all together with water.
Take a bread pan and put baking paper inside. Spill mix in the pan and bake for 30 minutes in 220 degrees.

After 30 minutes take cake from the oven and let it cool down in room temperature for next 15 minutes. 

Serve with fresh fruits :)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

A spoon of superfood

a jar with monthly dose of product

Today I've got a new product which I am thrilled to prove! :)
Flavon Max is a product which contains extracts from organic superfruits and vegetables:

  • ginseng
  • blackcurrant
  • black elderberry
  • red grape
  • beetroot
  • sea buckhorn
variety of Flavan products: Flavan Green, Max, Kids, Max+

It is a form of a jelly and one/two spoons are providing  big dose of antioxidants and vitamins.
It taste good and I hope it will works same good :) 
It can support your healthy diet and provides you with essentials vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It is important to take care of that, especially when you are dieting and consuming high protein foods.

The only thing which I don't like is amway-way channel of selling it, but I hope that product will speak of itself.

This product is actally about to buy at my workplace in Oslo, if somebody would be interested :)

And on days when my body really need detox (after unhealthy food, alcohol and so on), I am taking a shot of.. wheat grass ;)
Green Superfood with super properties :)

This product is in a form of powder full of cocentrated vitamins, minerals, antioxidants,  chlorophyll, green cereal grasses which all improve digestion and gives a boost of energy. 

Beside that wheatgrass is a complete food that contains 98 of the 102 earth elements.
Ingredients concentration in this product is 20 times more than in regular fruit/vegetables!

Unlike Flavon Max, Green Superfood doesn't taste so good.. So if you are taste-sensitive, you migh considering choosing capsules version of this product :)

I am happily stuffed with those two valuable product :) Now I have to only waits for the first effects!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Egg burger with fries

Egg burger is a great idea for brunch or one of your small meals during the day.

I made a toast, and fry 1 egg and 2 egg whites in a small round pan. I put omelette on tast with ham and fresh spinach.
For fries I chopped kohlrabi (norw. kålrabi, pol. kalarepa), put it for 20-30 minutes in the oven and baked. Spiced with paprika, salt and chilli.

Enjoy your day! :)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

(Not so) strong will power

photo by: Michniewicz Foto

You start the day good, with healthy breakfast. 
It is getting harder at job/university when you have to resist eating that delicious piece cake with your morning coffee. Everyone else it doing that, but you don't. You're strong and you won't eat crap. 
After clean lunch there is another temptation waiting the form of sort of chocolates staring at you from your working desk (why the hell people are trying to sabotage your efforts by giving you chocolates as a reward? you're thinking). 
After another mental fight, you resist eating them and you're proud of it. You even managed to do a decent workout after work! 
So your day is pretty amazing so far, you love yourself, you feel so in control of your life, your health and your food. 
But unexpectedly your spouse had a little worst day than yours. Just on the doormat you guys starting an argue and your mood is quickly destroyed. You binge the rest of the day eating everything you wanted to eat during day. You go to bed full, angry at yourself and with overwhelming feeling that you are weak and your strong will is just a term from dictionary, nothing you can be familiar with in a real life... 

Seems familiar? 

So is this really you who are week and without strong will? The answer is simple: NO! 
You have to keep in mind that willpower is limited. Once you used in once or twice during day, you can not expect that it will last until the evening. Of course, there are some of use, who can do that. But we are only humans and lots of different situations happened to us which we can''t be prepared for. 

So what to do then? You have the ability to shape your environment and adapt to changing circumstances in order to be on track with your fitness goals
* if you are a chocoholic, do not store chocolate/sweets at your home. It will only sabotage your efforts. Do not let it only to your strong will to resist temptation of eating. If you want to eat a chocolate, buy that one which is already packed in portions, that you will ensure eating only desired amount. 
* always try to find healthier alternative for your desired food: lasagna fan? try light one, cheeseburger  try salmon version, brownie addict? try protein brownie, snickers lover? choose protein bar instead
* if possible, always choose cooking at home rather than eating out, even if you are choosing 'healthier' dishes from menu, preparation process will be always worst that one you've had at home, full of fat and salt 
* have some healthy snack (almonds, apple, protein bar) with you in situations when you are hungry or food which were served is not maybe the best option to eat
* prepare food in lunchboxes - you will be sure that you eat right portions and even if you are devilish hungry, you will avoid double eating
* always have something to eat after your workouts (protein shake with rice cakes, banana) don't let yourself starve after gym session, you will eat everything from your fridge once you got back home 
* if you have a cheat meal, enjoy it and do not feel guilty about having it - you planned it ahead, so why punish yourself about doing that?
* if you're tired after just 20 minutes of training, especially if you're doing cardio - go for group training, with other people in group and instructor looking at you it will be harder to quit before an hour end

* find a training buddy or just make an official commitment - once any other know about your plans, it will be harder to let them go
* always try to see from the broaden perspective - sure, it is easy to say, especially when you already feel like a crap, but answer yourself a question - if this one failure made your all 3 month program fail or it is just a slipping which can be improve in the future?
* last and not least - don't be so harsh for yourself - fitness should be about feeling good in and about your body and mind, as long as you will treat 'diet' and 'training plan' as unpleasant necessity, don't wish about having rewarding results

Enjoy the process, not only dream about the finish line - it is the best way to enjoy each day of your fitness experience :)

Monday, April 15, 2013

Food prep master!

I mastered my food prep skills recently ;)

For quite a time I spend at least few last hours of weekends for food preparation. I cook different types of food and put them to lunch boxes that we could then grab them and eat them. 
I might be spending few hours while doing that, but then I spare many of them for coking during rush weekday

With lunch boxes I am also sure then that I eat enough portion of carbs, protein and fats. It is so easy to eat to much once you are very hungry and just continue to put another and another portion on your plate. With my lunch box, I know that the portion I put there is enough for one meal for me.

As you can notice, there are different sizes of lunch boxes. This is because I prepared them both for me and my men.

On this weeks menu you can find:

* baked sweet potato with cod and veggies

* baked sweet potato and chicken in coconut milk

* wholewheat pasta mix with low carb pasta with minced meat with cabbage and tomatoes

Last week menu consisted of:

* quinoa with fried chicken with black beans

* basmati rice with chicken in cocnut milk 

* roast salmon with basmati rice
* whole wheat wraps with chicken  

With this kind of preparation, until Wednesday I don't have to worry about cooking :)
I have to admit that further preparation of meal gave me huge control over what I am eating during the day. The thing I have to mastered more is the other time of the day, once I am already at home.