Wednesday, August 29, 2012

MyoProtein bars

For the first time I tried to do home made protein bars. There are plenty of them in shops, but they are stuffed with sugar and most always covered in chocolate.. and I am not such a huge fan of chocolate, especially when my goal is to eat some protein ;) I know that protein powder loose part of their quality while long heating process, but still I will get plenty of proteins in that bars :)

I used a cup when I measured all ingredients. Base were oats and protein powder (choco peanut and strawberry). 

Each cup contained 30g oats, 30g myoprotein, 10g walnuts and one egg white. Finally I didn't use stevia to sweeten bars, protein powder is sweet enough for me. 

I mixed all ingredients, add a little water to have a better consistency and form bars (or something which should be bars-shape). I put them into oven for 20-25 minutes. 


The result was satisfying. Yeas, the look little strange, not like those which can be bought, but I'm very lucky that I will have them with my while travelling. It is always better to have some healthy and clean snack with me than be force to buy something in a rush :)

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