Thursday, February 28, 2013

New arrivals from Funksjonell Mat

Yesterday I've got a big (and heavy!) pack from Funksjonell Mat. My kitchen shelves are well equiped now and I am ready to try all these products!

Pack included:
* low carb bread mix
* chocolate cake mix (which can be used also for muffins)
* sukrin gold (alternative for brown sugar)
* sesame flour
* jams sweetened with tagatose
* chocolate sweetened with sukrin

I'm sooo glad! There will be baking soon! :D

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


protein gelly - so easy, so good!

Pro-jelly is a (yummy) side effect of my recent baking of protein tarta-cakes (check this out here).

I had a little protein filling left and I simply put it in the same baking form as I putted protein cakes. Then I freeze it for 10 minutes and then put for next 20 into the fridge. 

* 15g of protein powder 
* 1 spoon of powdered gelatinge
* water 
* quark and fresh berries for decoration

To make this kind of gelly you have to dissolve gelatine in water and add preferable quantity of protein powder. I used MyoProtein with mocca-chocolate flavour.

The effect was delicious! I used low fat yoghurt, fresh fruits and amonds for decoration!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Rippin' trainings

I have approximately 30 days for next photosession in Torun with a friend of mine. So.. it's time to ripped that body!

On Monday I did a session of intervals yesterday:

* warming up for 5 minutes
* 1x1 intervals in 8 rounds (12-13,5 km/h on high ones, 6,5 km/h on low ones)
* 10 minutes powerwalk with 3 gradient
+ core and ABS exercises on TRX

Today I did circuit resistance training:

* squats on smith machine
* leg curls
* rear lateral row
* shoulders press
* dips
* lateral arm pull down
* suspended crunches TRX
* hyperextensions with weight

Monday, February 25, 2013

Protein tarta-cakes

tarta-cakes on gluten free, wheat free dough with a protein filling

Oh, I just invented the simplest and the best dessert ever! (for this moment I think it is the smartest I ever came on hehe)

fresh berries melted in mocca-chocolate filling

This are tarta-cakes full of protein with healthy dough underneath. Perfect for a healthy dessert after your dinner.

For four tarta-cakes you will need following ingredients:

For dough:

* 2 spoons of almond flour
* 1 spoon of FiberFin (can be omitted)
* 1 spoon of Sukrin or Sukrin Melis
* few drops of Stevia drops Englih Toffee flavour

* 1 egg white
* water
* Cocoa oil for baking forms

For filling:
* ca. 60g of protein powder (I used mocca-chocolate flavour)
* 2 table spoons of powdered gelatin
* water


Begin with dough
Mix all dry ingredients, than add egg white and water to receive consistency that will allow you to put dough into forms. 

Spread cocoa oil into your baking forms and add a thin layer of a dough. Let dough bake in the oven for ca. 20 minutes in 200 degrees. 

Then take it off from the oven and et it cool down.

For filling: warm up water with 2 table spoons of gelatin powder. Do not boil, only let gelatine melted. 
Take pan from heating and add 2 portion of protein powder. Stir untill you get perfect consistency. Then put a container with melted protein into freezer for about 20 minutes. 
you can make an additinal layer from fresh strawberries

When filling is almost tensed, spread it on a dough. I putted strawberries on a dough first to have another layer between dough and filling.

Put tarta-cakes into freezer for first 10 minutes and then keep them in the fridge. 

Serve protein tarta-cakes with fresh berries.

Way to good to be so healthy! ;)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

My daily supplements - part 1: omega 3

I have to admit that I have a long history of taking "magic pills" which suppose to do everything for you - lose weight, strengthen your hair, eliminate cellulite and so on. 

In the end I came to assumption that nothing like balance diet and regular fitness routine can help you best
nothing can replace balance diet

However, not everyday is perfect. Not always there is a time to prepare food in ideal nutrition proportions. And sometime your body simply needs a little more than you can provide it with "normal" eating.

Since I have moved to Norway, I started to focusing more on quality of supplements I am taking rather than quantity. But, on the other hand, I had a chance to try things I have never tried before (thanks to MyRevolution Team).

So which products am I using daily and I can truly recommend?

Omega 3 - fountain of strong hearth, fresh skin and lean body!

In many research it is said that Omega 3 supplements are the most crucial one.
Omega 3 (which contains of EPA and DHA fatty acids) is essential and naturally ocurrs in fatty fishes (like salmon, mackerell), walnuts and flaxseeds. 

We need both Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, but nowadays the tendency is to provide 15 times more Omega 6 fatty acids than Omega 3 which cause imbalance.  That is why supplementing Omega 3 is so important.

Supplementing omega 3 helps with increasing HDL cholesterol level, strenghtening immune system, protecting your hearth &vascular system and and increasing symptoms of arthesis. Omega 3 also regulate your hormonal balance and helps your skin. It has strong anti inflammation properties

And, what is very important: omega 3 helps also in losing weight!  Omega 3 faster metabolism and increasing insulin sensibility. Simply speaking, it also protecting muscles as well as fasten their recovery.

Omega 3 supplement which I am using currently

I take my dose of Omega 3 daily. I do not have problems with drinking a spoon of liquid omega 3, but I know that for many it can be a problem. Take pills then :)

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sushi Saturday

one of pics taken in December 2012

There was a need for replacemen for other girl on the aerobic today, so instead of laaazy long Saturday morning I quickly ate my power breakfast and run to my gym. 30 minutes of aerobic and 30 minutes of resistance workout it was. 

this breakfast gave me energy for aerobic class: gluten free oats, protein powder mocca-chocolate flavour, hemp shells, raspberries and banana
Because of sickness and general tiredness it will be a lazy Saturday. We had to cancell out evening party plance due to this even.. 
We treat ourselves with delicious sushi for lunch. The best post workout meal ever :)

rice, fish and avocado - perfect combination!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Double Friday

My Friday was double: double shift at work, double training and double great meals.

First I started with my resistance class at 10:30.

having class while beeing sick is maybe not the best idea, but what to do ;)

Followed by aerobic class at 18:00.

again at Sport og Mosjon's aerobic sale for evening class

For lunch I had yummy corn tortilla with chicken, baby spinach and feta cheese.

delicious and easy lunch; of course I made it double ;)
For supper I made myself a delicious micro brownie :)

you can find recipe for micro protein brownie here

Have a nice weekend!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Roasted meat chops and recent news

easy dinner on the go (and on a budget) - roasted meat chops, roasted potatoes and vegetables

I did not came with some gym log because my body failed me and I've got sick :(
No trainings then, to let the body got back to normal form soon.

Instead f training, I cooked and also establish cooperation with Funksjonell Mat - Norwegian company which produces different types of healthy food alternatives like almond, sesame flours, natural sweeteners, cake mixes and healthier chocolates. So.. prepare for more baking recipes on the blog! ;)

they look like bread rolls or cakes, don't they? ;)

Yesterday I made healthier version of meat chops which were actually baked, not fried. 

I mixed minced meat from chicken and turkey, add chopped onion and spices, together with hemp, bran and 1 egg. 
I formed chops and put them on a baking paper and roast in oven for 40 minutes. Together with meat I prepared roasted potatoes.

This healthier version of meat chops is even easier to prepare that traditional one!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Support from Chalene Johnson!

Oh, I received the nicest gift I could possible imagine!

The person who is a fitness and business guru for me, Chalene Johnson, send me her book about Personal Training business with special dedication! (I wrote about Chalenes book here)

It is an amazing feeling! She has got 134.000 followers on Facebook, 41.000 followers on Instagram, is NYTimes best selling author and she still found time to contact me personally and send me some inspiration!

No I have no chances to fail, if Chalene Johnson is supporting me, I can achieve anything!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Back on track!

Hello blog and my lovely followers!

sweaty after fatburning exercises sequence

I'm back in Oslo. Last 5 days were amazing, full of joy, love, partying and good food. It is hard to be back, but what can I do. 

It is time to go back on track now!

I started my day super-healthy with a shot of Green Superfood. Is it good? No! ;) Is it healthy? Oh yesss! 
It containes: alkalizing concentrated organic grass juices, alkalizing veggies, spirulina, and alkalizing sprouts.

After first part of my work I did also some interval training. Intensive 40 minutes with intervals on treadmill - 8 rounds of 1x1 intervals. 
8 rounds: 1 minute high interval, 1 minute active rest

After that I did some fatburning sequence:
10xmountain climbers
10xpush ups
10xjumping lunges

I did this in 3 rounds in a shortest possible time. Today it was 7 minutes 23 seconds. I hope that next time I will be able to do at least 5 rounds. 

Now I've got a quick break before second part of my working day. Two personal trainings today, jupiii! :)

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Exploring London

We have a wonderful time, here in London. No time to share everything, but at least I will put some memorable photos from last days. 

Thai kitchen for the first time! Dinner on Valentines Day <3
Amazing musical 'We Will Rock You' which we sow on Valentines Day

Exploring the city - China Town

M&Ms shop

Shopping at Holland&Barrett
amazing steak for dinner!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Book I recommend - PUSH by Chalene Johnson

Recently I've got a great book - "Push" by Chalene Johnson.
Chalene is a crucial figure in american fitness world, as well as in a personal development field. For me she is just a Brain Tracy in the skirt, very feminine and very accurate with her thoughts and ideas. 

 Push is more like an exercise book. Not only the one you should read, but the one you should work with. Do the assignments and plan your future. Chalene is not selling the secret recipe for success, weight loss or happiness. She is just more helping to organize things and learn to plan and how to do goal setting correctly. 


Yeah, you might say that there are plenty of books like that. Sure. But this one is particularly speaking to me. Maybe because the fact she is a woman? And she sounds real, admitting that she is not an alfa-omega, but just somebody who has implied her own rules into real life. You will never know if this book is for use, unless you try.  

Where to buy? I found mine book in norwegian bookstore It can take a while because of shipping time (about 15 days), but at least you don't have to worry about toll and shipping from USA yourself. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

3 in 1: carbs, protein and caffeine

That's a secret for a 3 in 1! Carbs, protein and caffeine in one place, easy to grab, easy to eat.

Recipe is simple
mix 60g of protein powder, 60g of oats, 2 espressos and add water for proper consistency.
Put a dough on a baking paper for 1 hour to freezer and keep in fridge.

So simple, so easy! Perfect travel snack for our today's trip to London!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Good start of a short working week

Why short working week? Because in two days we are going to London, babe! :D

tired.. at the end of workout!

Today and tomorrow are my last chances for normal training then. I split whole body trainings into two parts
Today (Monday) I did back&legs, the rest (chest, arms, abs) will be tomorrow.

My today's back&legs training contained of:

* squat with barbell
* deep squt with barbell
* pull ups
* leg press
* laterall puldown
* upper back machine
* hip trust on step
* dips on set (superseries)
* dumbell rear delt row
* hyperextensions

10 exercises, 45 minutes, real sweat!