Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Winter desserts - homemade marzipan

Homemade marzipan - all natural and with no sugar :)
 Winter is already in Oslo! December is closer and closer, so it is about time to celebrate the new season with some home made desserts.

Marzipan - the healthiest treat? Yeah, it might be. Especially when you will prepare it yourself. It is very easy actually!

almond flour and grounded almonds - the main ingredients, I bought mine here

You will need:
* ground almonds (0,5 cup)
* almond flour (this are basically de-fatted ground almonds)
Sukrin and Stevia are natural sweeteners
* sweetener, I used Sukrin and Setvia english toffee drops
* almond essence
* cocoa (I used unsweetened one which was a little bitter, you can use normal one)
* 1 white egg

Mix first dry ingredients, then add Stevia drops and white egg

Mix dry ingredients first. I used ground almonds and flour in proportion 1:2 (1/4 cup of ground almonds and 1/2 cup of almond flour). Add Sukrin (it is the matter of taste how sweet you like). The add few stevia drops and egg white. Mix it all together.

Form balls from dough and put them into fridge/freezer

Form balls in your hands and put them into pan. 
Put a pan to a freezer for 15-20 minutes or to fridge for 60 minutes. 

Roll balls in coca/cocoa with sukrin melis/dissolved chocolate or powdered sugar

After that time roll marzipan balls in cacoa. Instead cacoa you can use dissolved chocolate :)

This dessert is low in carbohydrates (unless you use cocoa, not chocolate), rich in good fats and proteins. But be careful with portions - grounded almonds are still almonds, but in a different form, they still have their calories ;)


  1. Naaam - disse så nydelige ut! MÅ prøves til jul :) Og for en flott blogg med masse inspirerende treninings og mattips + flott ei dame :)

  2. Nam, nam, ser helt fantastisk godt ut :D

  3. Tussen takk Benedicte og Kristine! :)
    Benedicte - hyggelig å høre! velkommen tilbake! :)

  4. This sukrin product has many uses. I really love the pictures that you posted it looks delicious, thanks for sharing your recipes. I hope I can create also my personal blog so that I can also post the recipes that I made form sukrin