Sunday, May 26, 2013

This week's end and its summary

I end this weekend with amazing weather in Oslo. High temperature and shining sun. This is what I needed! :)

Beside sitting and sunbathing, I made a gym training today dedicated to legs and abs. I was kind of weak after 6 days of continuous training, that is why I decided that tomorrow it will be a rest day for me. 

This week was about concentrating on my diet efforts. I hate work 'diet', I would rather use term 'way of eating', but it is much longer ;) Anyway, food intake was my priority since I realised that with my active lifestyle and job it is diet which has to mastered in order to get more definition.

For 6 days I cutted 'traditional' sources carbs from main meals (potatoes, rice, flour, pasta) and replace it with more vegetables. Still I was consuming carbs in the morning, little before and after workout. I had slice deficit in my calories intake (about -300 kcal) and about 150g of carbs intake per day.

My example food intake this week looked like:

breakfast: oat bran with wheat bran mixed with protein powder
brunch: chicken with vegetables
pre-workout: carrots and small protein coffee, bcaa
post-workout: protein shake with rice cakes
snack: greek yoghurt or low fat yoghurt
dinner: chicken/fish with vegetables and shirataki noodles
supper: cottage cheese

(I deliberately do not mention portion sizes, because this thing is dependent on your weight, goals and fitness level) 

Is that low carb diet? Well, not exactly, I still did eat carbs but little less then normal.

Today, at the last day of the week, I have some carbs refeed. It is not a cheat day, but something more like oppcarbing

Why refeed? To refill my muscles with glicogen, ensure my body that everything is ok and it doesn't have to go into starvation mode, calm down my cortisol levels while dieting and restore my energies levels. 
I eat more calories today (round 2200kcal) with emphasis of good carbs (more oats in the morning, sweet potatoes for lunch, fruits as a dessert). 
I expect little water gain after today refeed, but in the end it should result in fastening my metabolism. 
carb sources are not only limited to bread and grains

I look forward to see result of my dieting on Wednesday. I will check then if my efforts were worth it and decide weather I will continue with that time of eating or not. 

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