Saturday, October 27, 2012

After one year in Norway

Time flyes! In October there will be exact year since I moved to Norway, left my job in marketing department and left hometown for good. 

It was a huge decision about moving out to Norway but I won't use the term 'hard' in order to describe my last's year attitude. The one who knows me personally are familiar with my big passion for this country.

What did I achieve within this year? I would like to concetrate only at fitness aspect of my life due to character of this blog :)

I change my passion into my profession

It is the most important thing which I did last year. I made something which many dreams about - I am making money from things I really love to do. 
Was it easy? No. 
Is it easier now? Again, no. 
But still, I am more closer than further of making money only from fitness. Work in fitness  (both as an instructor and beeing responsible for reception and communication) is not easy sometimes, but I hope that my efforts will be appreciate and will bear interest in the future :)

My condition's level increased dramatically

I am in the best condition I have been for years! 90 minutes of spinn, hell yeah. 2 hours of aerobic in a row? No problem! I didn't think that I will be able of running for 10 kilometres, but actually I am now :)

I start REAL training at the gym

I mean lifting heavy, not only the lifts which are in the aerobic room. And I love it! Watching all the girls competing in athletic fitness and body fitness made me believe even more that great shape is made in the gym, no only on the treadmill.

I incorporated protein powder into my daily life and I didn't get bulk

I have already written about protein powders and benefits of taking them. After coming to Norway I realised that something which was unnormal in Poland here is a normal, daily food routine. 
Norwegians are far more up to date with dieting and supplementing and do not perceive proteins as a form of bulking product. Increased calories in diet will make you fat, not protein powder itself.

I started this blog

And it is something for me! I was thinking about having my own blog for a while but wasn't sure if I want to have everything in public. But then I realise that if I would like to help my clients they will have to trust me first and share their stories with me. Why would I keep mine only to myself then?

I gave my first interview

It was such a great experience to talk about my passion for Norway, fitness and cooking. And to find out that some are really interested in things I am actually doing :)

I developed my cooking skills

I develop them first when I moved to Norway and for 2 months I was looking for a job and taking rest from previous one. 
Then I switched into "Perfect housewife" mode  and start to cook, bake and generally making thousands of cookies, cakes and different types of meat
Then I had to adjust myself to new work so frequency of cooking increased (but not the passion!). 
Blog gave me new motivation and more fun from cooking :)

I found people who inspires me

I had some inspirations before, but here, in Norway I found some blogs of girsl which stories and life are truly motivating, inspiring and developing. I have to mention here Kristine Weber which has her own blog (only in Norwegian unfortunately) who won Bodyfitness +168 in Norway this year and also many competitions before. She will soon released her book and she is a real chef in kitchen, especially when in comes to protein-rich dishes.

And there is another lovely Kristine, Kristine Økern. Despite the fact she is younger than me, she is a really smart and mature woman! I admire her dedication (funny words game because her blog has the same name ;)) in blogging and posting. Day by day she has some tips, recipes and news to share with her veeery big audience. Her blog is in Norwegian but she is posting on instagram in English :)


  1. congratulations on achievements, and keep doing what u do! :)

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