Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Polish shop in Oslo!

some of polish specialities ;)

Thanks to our friends we found a polish shop in Oslo! :) (Thank U Klaudia&Arek) There was one, but they closed it 2 years ago and I was really missing some eastern products!

The one I found today is on Hausmansgate (near Haralds gym, in Aker building) and they sell there Polish, Latvian and Russian products. 

For my polish reader it would be anything new in which I have bought, because they have these products daily, but for us - leaving abroad - it is something! ;)
Dear Norwegians, you missing a lot of our eastern cuisine specialities! ;) I encourage you to try some thing out!

In a rush I have bought:

* quark - a real quark cheese (not a cottige cheese, this one is better!)
* gołąbki - which is meat rolled in cabbage in tomato souse - really worth trying!
* mustard
* pierogi with spinach an broccoli - small wheat dumplings with filling, this time with spinach and broccoli
* meat pate (leverpostei in norwegian)
* croissant
* chocolate waffle

Such a small thing, such a big happines! ;)

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