Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Chicken wrapped in bacon with parmesan filling

chicken wrapped in bacon with parmesan cheese filling

Yeah, to name is looong and seems complicated but it describe everything it was, in fact.

For dinner with our friends, I made a chicken. But I really didn't wanted to serve dry diet-style meat. I was inspired by Kristine Weber's recipe.

chicken already filled with parmesan, seasoned and wrapped in bacon, ready to roast

I sliced chicken breast into smaller long pieces and then filled them with parmesan*. It is a really dirty job, you wouldn't like to see it on the picture ;) But it is all about doing some whole with knife into the chicken fillet and then putting a slice of parmesan there. 

*Parmesan cheese is best here becouse it has a hard, spoiled texture.

I covered chicken into bacon. I found bacon which has little fat and more meat and that is the kindo of bacon you should look after in shop.Then I seasoned it with salt and garlic pepper.

I used picks to hold chicken and bacon together

I roasted it for about 40 minutes (in 200 degrees) covered with aluminium foil. If you don't covered the meat, it will be dry in the end.

The chicken came aromatic, soft and juicy. It was served together with green long bean served with butter, garlic and almonds and with salad :)

I fried chopped garlic in a butter (with a drop of oil) first, then add green beans, fry for about 2 minutes and then covered it with sliced almonds

I took ready salad mix, made my dressing from sesame oil  and soya souse, put some cherry tomatoen and lots of parmesan that salad will compose with main dish

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