Thursday, June 27, 2013

Keep calm and...

Ok, so today is the day when we are doing a huge step into our bright future. We are moving to London! 

Keep calm, I will keep you updated :)

Canary Wharf, last trip to London, as a tourist that time

And these are perfect tunes for our moving out:

Nordic Fitnesss will be in new, UK edition soon!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

3 Norwegian things I will miss

Since our moving is tomorrow, here is a time for some summing up.
Besides fiord&friends, which are obvious first point of my 'missing list', there are 3 other things I will miss from Norway (from fitness perspective, of course):

1) Fres - zero calories, energy drink with guarana with red bull taste (from TechNutrition)

2) Bauer's spelt lomper - soft tortillas from spelt flour and potatoes, perfect source of good carbs

3) MyRevolution's MyoProtein - great tasting protein powder, 50% whey 50% casein, a must to my morning oats

Monday, June 24, 2013

Last day at work

Recently my blog is full of 'lasts' - last aerobic hour, training, day at work. But soon I will post my first times in London! :) 

I am thrilled and a little sad. It was hard to say goodbye to my co-workers... But I have to admit, that I am glad new chapter of my career begins. 
In Sport og Mosjon I was not only instructor and that that other part of job wasn't as exciting as being a trainer... The more happy I am that we made a change :)

This is what I have got today: flowers from my bosses and Hungarian wine from my lovely co-workers, Eszter&Istvan. Thank You!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Norwegian method

As you are visiting my blog often, you might notice that I add 'Norwegian method' section in the right side of my blog. I wanted to mark this type of training specific, since I am convinced that this is the secret for lean body.

What is a Norwegian method?

Norwegian method is a system of training which is a result of my own experience with training and dieting. 

 My history: I have trained for 6 years (with 1 year break in between), check all the diets and forms of activity. I become fit, but not as fit as I wanted. I acted without any reasonable plan, just doing things spontaneously. I was always eating healthy, but I didn't control my portions. And the results weren't satisfying for me.

After almost 2 years in Norway I reversed my knowledge about training methods, eating and perceiving my own body. I've lost my insecurity and started to train for my real pleasure and healthy body, not only to get a lower number one the scale. 

That is how I came out with Norwegian method - all of my hitherto knowledge packed in a own watchword. 


To burn fat, you not only have to exercise. You have to do it wise. 

My training is composed by two types of activities - cardio (exercises which rises your hart rate by running, jumping, cross training, going on aerobic classes etc.) and strength training  (where you lift weights/using machines at the gym and working directly with your muscles growth).

* Lifting weights/gym training

First component of Norwegian method is strength training. The one when you worked directly with your muscles - you are building them and strengthen them. 


Why build something if you actually want to loose weight? Because those muscles tissues will burn calories for you once you stop training and only by adding muscles you can really re-shape your body (have a round butt, tight arms and flat belly).

There are different methods of doing gym training - one where your working on each body part at one session (circuit training, good for beginners) and split trainings, where on one session you work on two or three muscles groups (like back and biceps on one day and chest and triceps on the other). Type of gym training are always matched with person's fitness level.

My sample 3 split is:
* back/biceps/abs
* chest/triceps/shoulders
* legs/calve


* Cardio activities

By running on treadmill, you doing a great thing for your hart, but not necessarily loosing fat. Long lasting, aggressive cardio training releasess lots of stress horomon for your body - cortisol. It will stop you fatburn progress. What is more, your burning calories stops exactly at the moment you stop your activity. And thirdly, it takes lots of time to run 10km.
By going on aerobic classes, you will increase your activity and fitness level, but unless you're not pushing yourself harder, your body will adapt to this kind of activity.

benefits of High Intensive Interval Training

That is why I prefer High Intensity Interval Training. It is short (no longer than 30 minutes) and increases you after workout burn of calories (what means that your body works looong way after you stopped training).
It consist of warm up and high and low intervals where you're going on your 80-95% heart rate max and then rest on low intervals. I am fan of 1minute x 1minute intervals, but there are many versions of it. 
You can do HIIT training on treadmill, outdoors, by doing exercises like burpees, walking lunges etc. There are countless possibilities.

variation in training is a key to success

Of course doing other form of activities which weren't mentioned here are good - unless you're moving and burning calories, but my point was to pick 2 which have the best fat burn effect and are the quickest to perform. 
With smart training you don't have to spent hours at the gym, believe me.

Recommended training: 3 weights sessions and 2 cardio sessions


I actually don't like the word 'dieting' since for me it is a lifestyle, type of eating which I am doing on a daily basic. The more you know about food and it benefits, the more flexible you can be in your diet. 

The rule is simple: in order to lose weight, you have to create a deficit. You have to consume a little less then your body needs. By word 'a little' I mean deficit of 200-300 calories, not more. We don't want to put our bodies into starvation mode when it stopped fatlose due to protection priorities, we also don't want to slower metabolism, in fact - conversely, we want to build fat burning machine.
We have to know how much calories we can cosume on a daily basic and later on plan our meals.

I am a fan of often, small s(I eat round 6 of them), but recent studies shows that it really doesn't matter if you eat 3,4 or 6 meals. Daily macros intake is crucial here. So, for them who prefer bigger meals, there is still a hope ;)

There are 3 types of nutrients you can consume:

* Carbohydrates, which gives your body energy. 
There are 2 types of carbs: slow and fast. Slow carbs gives you energy gradually, fast will do it quciker, btu for a shorther period of time. 
Types of slow carbs: brown rice, whole meal pasta, spelt tortillas, sweet potatoes, yams, grains, quinoa, vegetables
Types of quick carbs: rice cakes, white rice, cuscus, fruits

When? I do believe that it is wise to eat your carbs mostly for breakfast, before and after workouts.

* Protein, which builds your muscles 
I belive that protein rich diet is crucial for strong and lean body. Protein gives your body blocks for recomposing your body.
Good protein sources: lean poultry, lean pork meat, fishes, dairy, seafood, protein powders
I recommend having a source of protein in each meal.

* Fats, which helps your body to digest and increases absorption of vitamins and micro nutritients from other foods
We need some fats in our diet, but let's do it wisely. 
Good fat sources: omega 3 pills, fatty fishes (like salmon), avocado, coconut milk, sesame oil
 There is no specific time when you should consume fats but it is better not in pre/after workout time since body will be too abosrbed dealing with your activity and needs quicker forms of refuel than fats

Sample meal plan (portions of these food has to be estimated for each person individually, same as meals)

sample breakfast oats
* breakfast: oats/oat bran with yoghurt/protein powder and 2 omega 3 pills
* snack: low fat greek yoghurt with carrots/other vegetables
* lunch: lean meat with vegetables (about 0,5 kg of broccoli/cauliflower/spinach or other low kcal veggies) with tea spoon of sesame oil
* pre workout: carrots/rice cakes/fruit, BCAA, coffeine
* directly after workout: protein shake with rice cakes or BCAA and rice cakes after HIIT workouts
* after workout meal/dinner (eat within an hour after training): lean meat/fish with baked sweet potato and vegetables
* supper/snack: cottage cheese with berries/vegetables and almonds

one of my favourite food combo: chicken in coconut milk with broccoli

NO for: processed food, sodas, sweets, juices (it is better to eat your fruits than to drink them, unless you have a choice)
YES for: organic and eco food, coffee and tea (sweetened with stevia/truvia), light sodas from time to time

As you see, it is quite lots of food in a typical meal plan. Remember that we are cutting only 200, 300 calories from normal daily intake.

The reason of that there is plenty of food is not to starve your body, but trick it a little - cut a little carbs from lunch, spare some calories, but not let your body to feel it due to big quantities of vegetables. 
You will refill yourself before training and just right after it to restore glycogen in muscles. Other thing is that with gym trainign you will need your food in order to perform your training!
You need your food in order to see results in the gym and in your body! 

Free day/meal:
It is good to have a free day/free meal from time to time. It help you phisically and mentally. 
Free meal is a signal for your body that everything is ok and it doesn't have to go into starvation mode. It helps you with your cravings too. But be carefull, free meal/day can also be trigger to give up your effords and go back on bad track.
If you already started to diet, take only 1 free meal each 7th day of Norwegian method diet.
If you are satisfy with your results and feel comfortable with your dieting, take a free day, but still try to keep it clean (if you ate 1700 daily, make a free day with 2300 calories for example).
After free day you will gain water, but it should be gone within 2 days.


Those two components: training and diet are the core of Norwegian Method
There is also third: supplements.


You might use additional supplements, but they are not necessary. They are made to help you to achieve your goals faster.

* omega 3 - crucial for all your body health, read more here

* protein powder - great protein replacement in your diet when you don't have time to prepare 'real food', choose whey protein with little carbs in it which will be quick absorbed after weight workouts; I use my protein powder also as a replacement for dairy products with breakfast oats

* BCAA - amino acids, each good protein powder contain them; they are protecting your muscles again destroying during exercising, has far more less kcal than protein shake and only the essence of what you need most (read more about BCAAs here)

* caffeine - helps you with your hard trainings, with additional energy and focus

You can also consider taking: green tea, cla, l-glutamine, magnesium, multi vitamin

Summing up, Norwegian method is based on: 

At least 3 intensive gym workouts, 2 high insensitivity interval trainings and protein rich diet with additional supplements
I did not discover America, it is obvious. 
I have just collected all the effective tips&tricks in one place, one method. Method which works on me :)


For more info, detailed training and eating plans, please contact me:

I would like to read your opinion about Norwegian Method. 
Please use a comment field for that :)


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Last aerobic hour in Norway

My last aerobic hour in this yellow room
Yesterday I had my last aerobic hour in Sport og Mosjon.. As I have my last day of work on Monday, Friday was the last meeting with my customers for training.
Next time I will work as an instructor in London, where we are moving out next week. 
So exciting it is!

It was just like yesterday when I've got my trainer certificate and started to have my own classes. 
from my instructor's course in Warsaw (September 2012)

Having my own hours was a great experience where I've learned how to work with music, clients, how to compose choreography and made my customers sweat ;) I have mastered my skills in aerobic, step, strength classes, as well as spinn (indoor cycling).

Of course it was a little sad, because beeing an instructor was the best part og my work in Sport og Mosjon in Oslo, but - at the same time - I look forward to new chapter of my traineer career :)

Thursday, June 20, 2013


After many days of silence, I'm back. It was only a few days, but significant changes have been made in my life..
One week, so many changes:

* one beloved family member less ;(
* one last week in Oslo to go
* one week to a totally new chapter in my and my husband's-to-be life

And from fitness perspective:

* one week out from trainings 
* one week with no strict diet

But still I have one week to go in Norway, which will be full of good workouts and smart eating! Gym will be my therapy in those harsh times.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Coconut scones

For a rainy day like this, the smell of coconut brings me somewhere away from dark Norway... 
I tried coconut flout from Funksjonell Mat for the first time and made coconut scones. This flour consisted of melted and fat reduce coconut. It smells wonderful even in a package! 

Scones I made are rich in protein and fiber, as their main component is coconut fat-reduced flour. With more milk, you could do pancakes instead of scones.

For 7 scones you will need:

* 100g fat reduced coconut flour
* 2dl of low fat milk
* 3dl of water
* 1 tblsp of baking powder
* 1 egg white (or whole egg if you want more calories)
* 10 drops of Coconut Stevia Sweat Leaf 

Mix all ingredients until you will get a dough which is easy to form in hands. Roll round shape scones and bake them in 220 degrees 20 minutes on each side. 

Served with chocolate souse from Walden Farms or other syrup of choice.

Nutritional value in 1 scone:
57 kcal, 
4,5g protein, 
1,6g fats, 
1,7g carbs

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Diet savers

I've just got a pack from with Walden Farm's product:
* peanut butter spread
* chocolate syrup
* bluberry syrup
* creamy itialian salad dressing

This products are calories, carbs, fat free. 
I have to be honest - these are artificial products which can't replace healthy, balance eating. BUT if you're on diet, counting and sparing your calories a little amount of these can make your life more tastier ;) My diet is 90% clean and this 10% lefgt is dedicated to products like these or Cola Zero ;)

I have already tried Whipped Peanut Spread since I am a big fan of peanut butter itself. It is not as tasty ans Powdered Peanut Butter (check my post about it here), but it is ok on a wasa sandwich ;)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fatburning cardio sequence

Mine today's cardio training was inspired by amazing and fast Silje's Mariela results which she showed on her blog and instagram. It is a Norwegian trainer and fitness personality who supports quick, intensive trainings.

this wonderful ABS are not yet mine, but Silje Mariela's - here is her blog

So, this time, instead of intervalls on treadmill (with high an low tempo), I did intensive exercises sequence. The best fatburning accelerator!

My workout consisted of:

5 minutes warm up

1.) 60 sec. jumping jacks
2.) 60 sec. mountain climbers
3.) 60 sec. walking lunges
4.) 60 sec. plank

1.) 60 sec. jumping jacks
2.) 60 sec. mountain climbers
3.) 60 sec. walking lunges
4.) 60 sec. plank

60 sec. break (you can simply repeat moves 1-4 one more time or go to the next part)

5.) 60 sec. sprints in one place
6.) 60 sec. running

5.) 60 sec. sprints in one place
6.) 60 sec.running

7.) 60 sec. running drills

5 minutes stretching

Cardio time: 21 minutes
Total workout time: 31 minutes 

31 minutes for complete workout, which you can do everywhere. 
No excuses!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Cinnamon cake

cinnamon cake topped with apples

Previous weekend was rich in desserts! ;) Beside french fruit cake, I made cinnamon one, perfect treat for coffee.

For 8 portions of cake I used:
* half cup of almound flour
* half cup of whole grain flour
* half a cup of Sukrin/sugar
* 3 eggs
* cup of milk
* 2 spoons of baking powder
* 1 dl of liquid butter/margarine
* gingerbread spices, cinnamon and vanilla 
* apple and Sukrin Melis for decoration

* Preheat oven to 220 degrees. Mix dry ingredients all together.  Add eggs, butter and milk. Use kitchen robot to have a smooth dough. 
* Spread liquid butter/margarine in a baking pan. 
* Put dough into pan and put it into oven for 10 minutes. In a meantime chop apple. You can put it on the top of the cake after 10 minutes of pre-baking it (then you're sure that apple won't fall into dough). 
*Bake cake for next 20 minutes.
* After that time, let the cake cool down in room temperature. 
* Spread a little Sukrin Melis/ sugar powder on top.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

3 minutes cake

We had a guest this weekend and I wanted to prepare some quick and tasty dessert. I made french fruit cake, which was not necessarily light, but very tasty and almost effort less.

It takes only 3 minutes to prepare it! (and another 3 to eat it!;) )

You will need:
* a pack of french dough (if you can buy light one use it, unfortunately in Norway we have only regular one)
* fruits of choice: I used plums and apple
* 1 egg
* brown sugar/ Sukrin Gold
* regular sugar/ Sukrin

it is just that simple: put a dough on a baking pan, and then fruit on it

then spread sugar/Sukrin on fruits, and brush egg on the edges of dough
Preheat oven to 220 degrees. On a baking pan, put a baking paper and squares or rectangles from french dough. 
Wash fruits and halve them. Put them on dough and lightly press them into dough. Spread 1 spoon of sugar and 1 spoon of brown sugar on top. You can also spread cinnamon and vanilla.
Break the egg and brush it on the edges of dough.
Bake cake for approximately 20 minutes. 

Tough week

Long story short, this have been a tough week for me. Emotionally, due to sickens of one of my beloved member in my family. 


No time for gym, but still I stick to my diet (80% of time) and managed to do 2 sessions of morning cardio. Plus lots of moving during days and Friday's double aerobic classes. Not bad. 


It was a great pleasure to visit a gym after a week absence! And it make my mood better :)

back&biceps today

I am finishing 12 weeks Labrada Lean Body program soon. I started it 24th of March.

I can truly recommend this program for everyone who want to start lifting weights or for those, who are already training but looking for some alternation to their own training programmes. Video for each days makes your motivation high. I will write about my results in the other post.

 Now I look for new workout routine and possibly I will start one of this hard core lady's program - Pauline Nordin, author of Fighter Diet. Her training, diet and attitude are no joke, a real bad ass she is!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Unplanned trip and circuit training

Sometimes things are coming unexpected. I had to fly to Poland for few days to spend time with my closest <3 

leg press exercise
I had little time for preparation, but still a day before arrival I had a chance to made a great gym training with my husband to be. We help each other with exercises and it was a really good workout. I took heavier weights, made more repetitions than usually.

one of my favourites back exercises

I trained whole body as I knew that for next 3 days I won't be able to visit gym (some outdoor and indoor cardio only). Diet continuation is always on plan!

Whatever obstacles live comes with, I want to stick to my training routine as it is one of the things which I can have control of. With other things there is not always as easy...