Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
Let the new year be better and healthier than previous one! :)

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Unexpected dietary supplement

I want to share some diet supplement which I found in Poland, which seems to be very interesting! And I know that most of you wouldn't even think about heath benefits of it!
I found diet supplement from beet!

This dietary supplement contains dried beet beetroot juice and vitamin B12 and B6 which helps in production of formulating erythrocytes, support immune system and improves metabolism. 
Beet, as vegetable, helps to detoxification of body and keeping the right PH level (I wrote about PH levels and importance of keeping it in balance here).
Beet reduces toxins in body, cleansing liver, gall bladder and kidneys. What is more, the fiber in beet root improves the excretory function of bowels. It also reduces cholesterol and blood pleasure!

Is it worth to buy pills when you can eat a real beet? 

Of course not, is you can eat beet twice a week, but I don't think it is possible ;) But if you want to find some natural detoxifying treatment for your body, I can recommend you this one :)

Friday, December 28, 2012

Pure training

Yesterday I had a great training at Pure Fitness in Torun. The gym isn't big, but it contains everything which is necessary to do a proper training. 

superwoman before training! ;)

I did circuit training:
* squats (legs) 5x37kg 10x27kg 12x27,5kg
* pull-ups (back, biceps) 10x41kg, 12x45kg, 12x45kg
* dips (back, triceps) 12x45kg, 12x45kg, 12x45kg
* seated leg curl (glutes) 12x32kg, 12x32kg, 12x32kg
* seated row (back) 10x32kg, 10x32kg, 10x32kg
* deadlift (lower back, glutes) 12x30kg, 10x35kg, 7x40kg

And I follow this training with core training class with talented instructor Iza.

yesterday's pre workout stack - with bcaa, fat burner and caffeine

Thank You Karola for great company yesterday! :) :*

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas training (video)

How are you spending your Christmas/holidays? :) 
I hope you relax as I do and splurge as I do ;)

There is not so much time during Christmas due to all family meetings, meals and tv and couch activities ;) However, 10 minutes is not so much, isn't it?

I made morning training inspired by Silje Mariela's video:

It is a simple consequence of lunges and squats. 30 seconds of lunges, 30 seconds of squats repeated for 6 times. Only 6 minutes! (add 2 more minutes for some warm up)

Additionaly I did 60 classic push-ups and 40 russian twists with 5kg dumbell.

I made this training in approximately 12 minutes. Only 12 minutes! Very sweaty start of the day! Have a nice one :)

Monday, December 24, 2012

Best gifts ever!

Jupiii! I had to be very good girl this year because Santa brought me awesomeee gifts!

My beloved presented me the best thing ever - compression thights 2XU!!! 
I am unbelievable happy becouse of this gift!

Why this thights are so special? 
They provide optimal flexibility and movement during workouts, they are designed to supports hamstrings, quads, abductors, glutes, and calves
What is more, they regulates body temperature to keep you cool on warm days and warm on cool day.

Together with cool training clothes I 've got the best book about strenght training - strenght training anathomy, the same I advice here.  

So happy! :)

How to survive Christmas?

Ok, so it is official - there are Christmas. Family, lots of food and presents. Great films in the TV and million body-traps ;)
How to survive them and not to harm your efforts in getting best shape of your life?

* remember that it is all about enjoying the time with your family, not only eating!
* try everything you want, but cut portions (take a half)
* watch over alcohol consumption, it is easier to splurge too much when you drink too much; and alcohol contain many calories itself already
* splurge but do not let yourself go to deep - you will fell bad and will be pissed of on yourself at the end 
God jul!

* start the day with 50 squats, 20 push ups and 20 situps - make a first thing in the day something which will give you energy and motivstion fot whole day; you already start the day and didn't do this exercises? do them now! they will take only 3 minutes from you day, come on - you can find 3 little  minutes

* take a walk with your family, but try to get little higher tempo - do powerwalk with 130/140 bpm

* and remember! it is more important what you eat from New Year till Christmas than from Christmas till New Year!
have a relaxing time with your family, charge your batteries and smile a lot :)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Last minutes gifts

I come with some gift-tips and first effect of my Wednesday's collaboration with Piotr Michniewicz :)

If you still don't have gifts for Christmas Eve, I will share some great suggestions of heathy presents :)

raps oil for frying and linseed oil for serving cold

Made some healthy omega-3 full gift! Good quality olive oil or linseed oil is full of healthy fats and will make body stronger. 
These products already have great package itself and bu buying this you get fit, healthy and nutritious present :)

charming gift - home made pickled zuchini :)

Another proposition is of giving away something you made yourself - whether these are cookies, gingerbread or home made preserves. 
For example, yesterday I got pickled zuchinii from the author of blog Matylda - such a great present! Thank You Matylda! :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

At home intervals

Nora is watching over me ;)
Such a luxury to have own crosstrainter at home! Today I made some intervals sessions right straight from bed :)
my good old crosstrainer in use again :)

I made 10 minutes warm up, 8 sessions of intervals (60s high, 60s low) and 5 minutes of cool down. 
30 minutes and I was done! :) "Classic" cardio become very boring once you experience intervals ;)
"can I train too?" :)

Beside the comfort of at-home training, I had also two companions - very curious about what am I doing and why we can't cuddle together while exercising ;)

And now it is a time for some christmas shopping :)

Monday, December 17, 2012

Training at the local gym

Today I have checked our local gym (in my hometown - Torun). 

my training in Pure Fitness gym

I totally forgot how is to train at the gym in Poland - I was the only girl in a free weight section! All the guys were just starying at my with a face expression "what the fuck are you doing here" ;) 

Typical polish standard - girls who are avoiding free weights and using only machines, and guys with big biceps and even bigger bellies :]

I've just put some death metal music on my ears and start my circuit training :]

the gym itself isn't to big, but it has everything I need :)

1) legs/butt squat with barbell 12x20kg 12x25kg 12x25kg
2) glutes/butt hip trust with weight 12x20kg 12x20kg 12x20kg
3) chest push ups (classic) 1x13 1x13 1x25
4) triceps dips 1x12 1x12 1x12
5) shoulders shoulder press with dumbells 12x6kg 12x6kg 12x6kg
6) back seated row 12x32kg 12x32kg 12x32kg

7) glutes leg curl 12x25kg 12x25kg 12x25kg
8) legs, chest, butt kettlebell swing 10x10kg 10x10kg 10x10kg
9) abs crunch up 1x20 1x20 1x20
10) core/abs plank 1x60s 1x60s 

I had only 2 days off from gym (due to our trip to Poland) but I felt that I haven't been exercising for years!  I had a really great high after this workout! :)

Friday, December 14, 2012

Dear Santa..

I was very good girl this year and my wish are to get those :D :

2XU Thermal Compression Tights

Or with smaller financial outlays, you get get me this:

Delavier's Strenght Training Anathomy

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Don't complain that you have no time for training...

...I did mine in 20 minutes today!

Due to unexpected prolong of my working day, I had very little time for my training today.
But I didn;t skip it, I just only make it very quickly, series by series, with no or short breaks. It was even more like cardio-gym than I normal weight training ;)

My today's routine:

* legs lunges with barbell 10x12kg each leg, 10x12kg, 10x12kg
* legs, butt, chest, shoulders dumbbell swing 12x8kg, 12x8kg, 12x10kg
* glutes leg cul on machine 12x15kg, 12x15kg, 12x15,kg
* back, biceps pull up (on easy power station)  7x20kg, 7x20kg, 12x25kg
* back, chest, triceps chin up (on easy power statnion) 6x20kg, 7x20kg, 12x25kg
* shoulders upright barbell row 7x14,5kg, 7x14,5kg, 7x14,5kg
* obliques obliques extensions12x5kg, 12, 12
* lower back hyperextensions 12x5kg, 12x5kg, 12x5kg 

Don't have time to go to gym?
Check out this routine which you can do at home:

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Training logs and christmas shopping

side plank exercise

Christmas and our tour to Poland are coming closer and closer!

Beside working duties and all the Christmas-busyness, I tried to find some time for training.
Yesterday I did circuit training in the gym, today intervals on treadmill with some core and abs work in the end.

ready to hit the gym

Circuit training 3 (Tuesday)

* thighs bulgarian lunge 12x6kg 12x6kg 12x6kg
* back bent over row with dumbell 12x6kg 12x6kg 12x6kg
* back seated rowing 12x35kg 12x30kg 12x30kg
* lower back, glutes deadlift 10x40kg 10x40kg 10kgx40kg
* abs kneeling crunch 12x22,5kg 12x22,5kg 12x22,5kg
* chest bench press 10x10 kg 12x14,50kg 10x10kg
* legs, butt leg press 45 degrees 12x110kg 12x100kg 12x100kg
* shoulders lateral raise with dumbell 12x6kg 12x6kg 12x6kg
* calves calve muscles leg press 20x100kg 20x100kg 20x100kg
* core side plank 2x45s

classic plank exercise

Interval training (Wednesday)

*10 minutes warm up
* 8 sets of intervals (60s high, 60s low)
* 5 minutes cool down
* classic plank 2x60s
* side plank 2x.45s 

* russian twist 2x20 4kg
* situps with dumbell 40x4kg
* low back machine 2x20 20kg

I love buying and giving gifts!

Christmas shopping

And after workout I found some time to do little gift shopping in Sofienberg (part of Oslo) - Sunkost and tea-shop were my primary places :) I can't reveal what is in the bags - I don't want to ruin the surprise to the people I bought them though ;)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

And the winner is....

The winner of yesterday flex competition is:

Ingrid - because she is has a strong, good looking body and an angel's face :)

and Ken - for his office flex :)

Congratulations! :)

Monday, December 10, 2012

Flex and win!

add your pictures to MyRevolution's competition and win Muscles Brownies!

It's Maja's Muscle Monday aka Majas Mest Muskuløse Mandag Med Musclebrownies people! Together with MyRevolution I would like to open window number 10 from their Christmas Calendar

Rules are simple - share with as your picture of you and your muscles and win Muscle Brownies! Also click "like" on my Facebook page, if you haven't done it before! :) 

To add pictures to the competition hashtag them with #myrevolution on Instagram/put them on MyRevolution's Facebook page/share them on MyRevolution's Forum.

You have time til midnight when we will choose the winner!

The winner will get delicious Muscle Brownies. Make you Christmas even more sweet :D

I encourage all you to compete. No matter which shape you have - it is all about creativity and fun though!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Gift tips - for her

Together with gift tips for you and guys, there is about time to present some gift tips concerning women.
Each fitness lady would love something from things I am presenting here, I am sure! :)

1. Better Bodies Flex Longsleeve
I will start with something I got myself and which I really love! This longsleeve fits on the gym, as well as for a normal day anywhere else beside gym! Design and quality are awesome! :)

2. Funksjonell Mar produkter
Not that I would like to put women only in the kitchen ;) but it is a fact that women always looking for some cooking inspirations. Why not to help them find some healthier alternative with almound flour, low carb bread, Sukrin and more? :)

3. 'Strenght training' book by Delavier

It is the best book about strenght training and Delavier thought also about women (book is available both in English and Polish).

4. Heart rate monitor
A necessary gear for proper training. It really revolutionized my training when I started to track my pulse during workouts! It is also easier to to intervals when you know your heart rate. I am using Polar FT7 and can really recommend this brand.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Santa Claus Day

Happy Santa Claus Day! 

I don't think it is celebrating here in Scandinavia, but in Poland it is the first sight of Christmas! Norwegian have their advent caledars and small gifts for each day and Poles have Santa  Claus Day when Santa is coming with small treats and putting them to children's shoes. Shoes has to be cleaned an evening before - he would not put a present into dirty shoe though!

And even though we are far away from Poland, Santa also came to us ;)  He brought a gift for my beloved today - real man treats - a pack of Snickers, beef jerky and Chunk of Protein :D

Santa Claus gift for a big man ;)

Beside celebrating Santa Claus Day, I bring little Christmas atmosphere yesterday by doing gingerbread for the first time in this year :)
gingerbread just before putting them to the oven

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Gift tips - for him

As I started 'gift tips' series with some gift for you, I would like to continue it with some (fit) gift positions for men. Go beyond the schedule and do not buy another par of boxers or socks for your beloved or dad, try something different! :)

1. Thermal longsleeve
My absolute favourite, because it is warm but thin at the same time, in a very good quality and with cool design. How do I know it? Because I already gave it as a present to my beloved :)
I bought it here. You can find it also in white.

2. Gym gloves
Every guy who is a gym enthusiast should have ones. Especially those with wrist bind for better protection while exercising.You can buy them here.

3. Smart shaker

Another basic equipment for every gym lover. Beside basic function, there is a container for pills and powder. Very popular right now, so let you guy be trendy at his gym.

4.Protein powder
The best he can get after training. Together with some rice cakes protein powder is perfect after workout meal.

Even if your beloved is not a huge gym fan, maybe he will considering starting some serious training after getting some gadgets from those above? :)