Friday, December 28, 2012

Pure training

Yesterday I had a great training at Pure Fitness in Torun. The gym isn't big, but it contains everything which is necessary to do a proper training. 

superwoman before training! ;)

I did circuit training:
* squats (legs) 5x37kg 10x27kg 12x27,5kg
* pull-ups (back, biceps) 10x41kg, 12x45kg, 12x45kg
* dips (back, triceps) 12x45kg, 12x45kg, 12x45kg
* seated leg curl (glutes) 12x32kg, 12x32kg, 12x32kg
* seated row (back) 10x32kg, 10x32kg, 10x32kg
* deadlift (lower back, glutes) 12x30kg, 10x35kg, 7x40kg

And I follow this training with core training class with talented instructor Iza.

yesterday's pre workout stack - with bcaa, fat burner and caffeine

Thank You Karola for great company yesterday! :) :*

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