Monday, December 17, 2012

Training at the local gym

Today I have checked our local gym (in my hometown - Torun). 

my training in Pure Fitness gym

I totally forgot how is to train at the gym in Poland - I was the only girl in a free weight section! All the guys were just starying at my with a face expression "what the fuck are you doing here" ;) 

Typical polish standard - girls who are avoiding free weights and using only machines, and guys with big biceps and even bigger bellies :]

I've just put some death metal music on my ears and start my circuit training :]

the gym itself isn't to big, but it has everything I need :)

1) legs/butt squat with barbell 12x20kg 12x25kg 12x25kg
2) glutes/butt hip trust with weight 12x20kg 12x20kg 12x20kg
3) chest push ups (classic) 1x13 1x13 1x25
4) triceps dips 1x12 1x12 1x12
5) shoulders shoulder press with dumbells 12x6kg 12x6kg 12x6kg
6) back seated row 12x32kg 12x32kg 12x32kg

7) glutes leg curl 12x25kg 12x25kg 12x25kg
8) legs, chest, butt kettlebell swing 10x10kg 10x10kg 10x10kg
9) abs crunch up 1x20 1x20 1x20
10) core/abs plank 1x60s 1x60s 

I had only 2 days off from gym (due to our trip to Poland) but I felt that I haven't been exercising for years!  I had a really great high after this workout! :)

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