Thursday, December 20, 2012

Last minutes gifts

I come with some gift-tips and first effect of my Wednesday's collaboration with Piotr Michniewicz :)

If you still don't have gifts for Christmas Eve, I will share some great suggestions of heathy presents :)

raps oil for frying and linseed oil for serving cold

Made some healthy omega-3 full gift! Good quality olive oil or linseed oil is full of healthy fats and will make body stronger. 
These products already have great package itself and bu buying this you get fit, healthy and nutritious present :)

charming gift - home made pickled zuchini :)

Another proposition is of giving away something you made yourself - whether these are cookies, gingerbread or home made preserves. 
For example, yesterday I got pickled zuchinii from the author of blog Matylda - such a great present! Thank You Matylda! :)

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