Monday, December 24, 2012

How to survive Christmas?

Ok, so it is official - there are Christmas. Family, lots of food and presents. Great films in the TV and million body-traps ;)
How to survive them and not to harm your efforts in getting best shape of your life?

* remember that it is all about enjoying the time with your family, not only eating!
* try everything you want, but cut portions (take a half)
* watch over alcohol consumption, it is easier to splurge too much when you drink too much; and alcohol contain many calories itself already
* splurge but do not let yourself go to deep - you will fell bad and will be pissed of on yourself at the end 
God jul!

* start the day with 50 squats, 20 push ups and 20 situps - make a first thing in the day something which will give you energy and motivstion fot whole day; you already start the day and didn't do this exercises? do them now! they will take only 3 minutes from you day, come on - you can find 3 little  minutes

* take a walk with your family, but try to get little higher tempo - do powerwalk with 130/140 bpm

* and remember! it is more important what you eat from New Year till Christmas than from Christmas till New Year!
have a relaxing time with your family, charge your batteries and smile a lot :)

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