Saturday, January 19, 2013

Party food: spinach rolls

spinach rolls

If you are looking for some party snack, which are easy to prepare, looks great and taste no worse, you came to right place!

Spinach rolls are really easy to prepare. You will need:

* french dough/butter dough (in poland there is a low fat version, which I actually recommend, but here in Norway, we have only regular type)
* spinach
* 1 egg and a spoon of natural yoghurt or Philadelphia cheese

start with preparing spinach that it can cool down before rolling them into dough

First, start with spinach - defroze it, put it to a pot and boil it. Add 1 egg, lots of garlic and salt. At the end add a big spoon of yoghurt to have more creamy consistence. Put the pot from the heat and let spinach cool down.

Take half defrost french dough. It has to be a half-frozen that you can form it easy, when it is defrosted it gets really messy, believe me.

knife has to be sharp to not destroy the beauttiful pattern of dough
Put a spinach on a dough and roll it. Then take a really sharp knife and chop it into piecies like in the pictures below.

rolls ready to bake

Put rolls on an oven pan, you can covered them with egg (but it is not necessary) to get gold coating.
Bake rolls in the oven for 30 minutes in 220 degrees

can be served both - warm or chilled

And.. enjoy a great party! :)

Btw. this is not a diet snack, keep that in mind, french dough is very rich in calories from fat. But from time to time you can spoil yourself with treat like that, don't you? :)


  1. dlaczego nie piszesz też po polsku skoro jesteś z Polski?

    1. Bo pracuję w Norwegii, zarabiam w Norwegii i większość moich klientów jest z tego kraju. Wybrałąm angielski, aby zarówno Polacy i Norwedzy mnie zrozumieli :)