Friday, October 26, 2012

Tomato classic and why should people working out eat soups

Creamy tomato soup in my edition :)

Today is the time for some classic! In a form of tomato soup :)

I have to tell that making your own natural soup is not an easy thing. And it's time consuming. But from time to time is good to do something like that. 

For me making a soup is always a challenge, because I am not a soup person and - to be true - dish without any meat or any other source of protein is not complete for me ;) But I resolve this problem which I will write later on.

This boullion cubes I bought in Poland and despite of the fact it was in the organic section, it wasn't so expensive

First there will be bullion needed. You can boil vegetables or use bullion cube. If you choosing the second option, always try to find the healthiest variation - with no artificial colours and ingredients and with less salt. 

I added only 2 cubes of bouillon because I add some veggies additionally to bouillon

I boiled approximately 2 litres of water and added 2 cubes.
Then I add dried soup vegetables (you can always chose fresh), 2 cloves of garlic and bay leaf. I add also 2 chicken breast - to make bullion more filling and to have something for second course :) 

I boiled bullion with all ingredients for approximately 20 minutes on low heat.

Take a cup from the soup you're preparing and dissolve two spoons of tomat puree in it

After 20 minutes I took a cup of bullion and dissolved tomato purée in it (2 tea spoons). I took chicken breast out (will use them tomorrow)and add dissolved purée to bullion.

I don't like onion but it suppose to strengthen the taste of fired tomatoes, that is why I decided to use it ;)

On the frying pan I fried chopped onion and added can tomatoes to it. 

I used already chopped tomatoes, one with garlic, second can with basil and oregano

I pre-fired those together for few minutes [pre frying tomatoes is a tip from my great grandmom who is a cooking master :) ] After that I added tomatoes and onion to pan with bullion. 

Pan with pre-fried tomatoes before putting them to bouillon

I let whole soup cook for approximately 20 minutes and after that I added salt and pepper.

I don't have normal blender, only one in the kitchen robot, so it was pretty messy with mixing ingredients together ;)

I don't like overcooked vegetables floating in the soup, that is why I prefer creamy soups. I blended soup in cooking machine. Till the end I added also fresh ruccola and few young spinach leaves for the soup that they will be blended with all vegetables, garlic and onion in it.

Clear soup today, ready to drink. Tomorrow I will served it with rice.

Today soup was served like warming cream. Tomorrow I will add rice to it and it will be served as a part of dinner :) And I don't if you guys noticed that but soups are always tasting better another day after preparing them.

Why people working out in the gym should eat soups?

Because generally they are consuming bigger amounts of protein for keeping lean body mass (or building it). Proteins (and many other foods) have high PH acidifies. Home made soups, vegetables, nuts, fruits have opposite PH and restoring our organism's balance. 

Soup is ab alkaline bomb full of benefits for your body!

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