Thursday, June 13, 2013

Coconut scones

For a rainy day like this, the smell of coconut brings me somewhere away from dark Norway... 
I tried coconut flout from Funksjonell Mat for the first time and made coconut scones. This flour consisted of melted and fat reduce coconut. It smells wonderful even in a package! 

Scones I made are rich in protein and fiber, as their main component is coconut fat-reduced flour. With more milk, you could do pancakes instead of scones.

For 7 scones you will need:

* 100g fat reduced coconut flour
* 2dl of low fat milk
* 3dl of water
* 1 tblsp of baking powder
* 1 egg white (or whole egg if you want more calories)
* 10 drops of Coconut Stevia Sweat Leaf 

Mix all ingredients until you will get a dough which is easy to form in hands. Roll round shape scones and bake them in 220 degrees 20 minutes on each side. 

Served with chocolate souse from Walden Farms or other syrup of choice.

Nutritional value in 1 scone:
57 kcal, 
4,5g protein, 
1,6g fats, 
1,7g carbs

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