Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cod casserole a'la Kristine Weber

I made another dish inspired by Kristine's Weber (cheers Kristine! :) ) recipe for fish casserole :) Kristine claims that is the best fish casserole. She is a true Norwegian girl so I won't argue with her. And - in fact - this dish was incredibly good!

this small pasta is perfect for that kind of dish

To prepare casserole I used 600g of cod and 100g of wholegrain pasta.

To make a souse I first boil 400 ml of milk with nutmeg, salt and pepper. Then I added pasta and cook it in milk for 4 minutes (only a half time of which pasta normally should be cooked). To souse I added also Fiberhusk (table spoon).

egg yolks will give souse creamy consistency
Then I took pot from heat and add 2 egg yolks and big spoon on Kesam Original (or full fat yoghurt). Mix ingredients together.

Kristine advices full fat Kesam/yoghurt, so do I

I join souse, pasta and chopped fish together. In the end I added also 2 egg whites and mix it again.
adding egg whites - the last step

I put powdered peanuts on the top, together with parmesan cheese.

peanuts and parmesan will give casserole crispiness on the top

I roast casserole for 40 minutes in 220 degrees in the oven.

cod casserole ready to eat :)
Mine cod casserole was served with cornflower.

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