Saturday, August 3, 2013

Day 2 and LA Fitness West India Quey

entrance to LA Fitness West India Quey - my today's place of training
Second training from 'Shortcut to shred' was dedicated to legs, shoulders and calves.

grumpy mood? lifting some weights should help! ;)

Today I check another gym in my neighbourhood - LA Fitness West India Quey. I love the neighbourhood of a gym - Canary Wharf reminds me equlibrium buildings, lots of banks and well suited people around :)

pic from

The gym itself is quite big (two floors) and has a swimming pool. Which for ones will be a huge advantage, but for me... not necessarily. I felt chlor everywhere and there were many kids in the changing room, since swimming pool is open for them as well.

cardio part with treadmills and other cardio equipement

By using summer offer I've got 5 days free trail (great idea!) at LA Fitness. So for next days I will visit that place and do my 'Shortcut to shred' workouts. 

The part with free weights was kind of messy for me - dumbbells and barbells around all the place which made my training quite hard. Beside that there as only 1 smith machine and 1 squat rack - too little! I had to wait in a que to make my exercises and hat to moderate 2 others for other equipment because I was already well warmed up and didn't want to lose it. (05.08 - I visited West India Quey out from peak hours and I have to say that weights room situation was way more better than with the first visit :) )
The other thing I didn't enjoy was a lack of natural light and lots of random people around. I mean, it is totally fine that they are coming to train (good for them!) but I would rather train in more professional atmosphere.
Of course there was still possible to train in there, and I will definately do that for few upcoming days :)

little messy changing room

I am very critique in relation to gyms because with my 6-times-in-a-week training routine I will be spending mch of my free time at the gym, that is why I want to feel there comfortable and have  essential equipment to use. The other thing is I already have worked in a gym and I know what to look for in order to find the perfect place for training :)

gym part with machines (and free weights in the back of the room)

On today's training list there was:
for shoulders: dumbbell shoulder press, one arm dumbbell upright row, barbell presses
for legs: barbell squat, barbell deadlifts
for calves: standing calf raises, leg press calf raises

cardio space from another perspective

I was still a little sore from yesterday's workout, but I made my best today.
I have pretty good energy because of lots of food I am consuming. I am not used to eating so much, but I decided to commit for 100% and do whatever Stoppani suggests (in oderd to training, nutrition and supplements), so for this week I eat way more carbs that I used to. And carbs makes me happy ;)
delicious breakfast today: 40g oatmeal made on water with Sukrin Gold, egg scramble frm 2 eggs and 100g of egg whites and 1/2 grapefruit


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