Thursday, August 8, 2013

First week of 'Shortcut to shred'

Like I wrote last Friday, I started Jim Stoppani's program 'Shortcut to shred'.
I made it through first weekend! ;) 

Over last week I did:

- 6 trainings for over 60minute each with cardio acceleration in between each set
- no more than 2 minutes of cardio at once!
- burned approximately 2500 calories during workouts (plus more calories with afterburn effect)
- eat way more carbs than I am used to (1,5g per bodyweight) and increase my calories consumption for about 400-500 kcal to boost metabolism

- about minus 1 cm from thighs and minus 0,5 cm from his together with 0,4kg more in weight (can be due little water retention after creatine, but the difference in weight is very little comparing to the food I consumed over the last week)

- got totally sore and got my body if very stiff
- tried at least 3 new exercises (smith machine hip thrust)
- felt more toned and firmed already
- got pain in the ankle (due to lots of jumping)

Today I have my well deserved rest day and I am gonna enjoy it for the best I can :)

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