Friday, July 19, 2013

Exploring London - Soho Gyms Bow Wharf

Main entrance to the club
Another days in London and another gym checked. This time I visited one in out neighbourhood - Soho Gyms Bow Wharf :)

I really enjoyed training not in the underground, the natural light and space around me. 
Gym has better weight equipment than previous gym I have trained in (Fitness First Carnaby Street) and if I have to choose the gym to train, personally I would probably pick Soho. But, on the other hand it is more expensive than Fitness First Carnaby Street.

free weights section

Again, I made whole body training since I am not a regular visitor this time. 

My Thursday's training consisted of:
* flies
* bulgarian lunges
* hanging leg raises
* bent over shoulder raises to side
* seated leg curls
* hyperextensions 

And after training....
...oven baked cod for lunch
and I used huge mirror for some selfie ;)

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