Saturday, October 6, 2012

What to eat before and after workout

It is a common question which also get confused even the most educated ones. There is one rule - you have to check it on yourself what fits you best. But, of course, it's also good to follow some basic guideline.

Pre workout

It's a time to charge your body before a hard training. If you go for a light zumba training where you more shake your booty than burn calories, it's not for you - you don't need specific nutrition. 

If you really work hard and sweat like a pig (sorry for harsh expression), consider eating well balanced meal 2 hours before training with complex carbs, like whole grain pasta with chicken. 

Easy to make and with high nuttrtional value chicken salad
Make a chicken salat with pasta, poultry, salat and other vegetables for example. 

I would add some veggies also here

Another pre workout sugesstion? Scrambled egg whites and one egg yolk with vegetables followed by whole grain sandwich.
Complex carbs will give you the strenght and glucose level will gradually increase. 

That's the option which works for me, there are other schools. For my experience eating rich in fats dishes makes me wonna puke during training, so I am avoiding it.

Post workout

It all depends on how hard you trained. If you didn't do enought, don't fuel yourself with staff which will sabotage your efforts. 

Simple, cheap and effective - rice cakes :)

After really hard training our body needs an easy absorbed carbs. Rice cakes are the best here (natural one, not those with chocolate, yoghurts covers!). They are easy to digest and refill glicogen in your muscles. They are also better than bananas. 

There are plenty of pre and post workout products in shops

There are of course special after raining supplements like pure carbs or after training recovery stacks. Of course they are good, but they also costs a lot. So it's cheaper to just eat a rice cakes. If you are training regularly and don't have opportunity to eat well balanced meal within 2 hours after your training, you can consider buying them.

my protein shake and rice cakes :)

For me great post workout snack are rice cakes followed by protein shake. You body needs proteins after it gets enough carbs. If you are not using protein powder, just after going back home eat balanced meal. By balanced meal I mean that which inludes protein, carbs and fats in proportion to your daily needs.
Balanced post workout meal scheme (proportion between veggies and carbs may vary depend on your needs)

Remember, the fact that you wokred hard doesn't give you the right to eat junk 'because you've earn it' - don't sabbotage yourself. Eat smart :)

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