Sunday, October 7, 2012

Norges Mester 2012

Women Athletic Fitness Category

Yesterday I experienced something amazing - my first time at athletic fitness, bodyfitness and bodybuilding competition. As an observator, not contestant - of course ;)

In the front hall

Men Athletic Fitness Category

I participated in a first part of the competition where all competitors showed off at the stage and those from athletic fitness group did chins, dips and roing.

Body Fitness Women 168 cm

It was such a pleasure to see live girls whos blogs I am following! I was up to date with their preparations for the competition, so it was an excitng moment to see how well they did on stage! 

Emilie M. Olsen during roing competition

I was amazed by Emile M. Olsen who is only 19 years old and won overall category in Women Athletic Fitness. Congratulations Emilie!!

Athetic Fitness Overall category winners :) Congratulations!

Kristines Weber participation in NM 2012 also made me very excited! Not only she was gorgeus at the stage, but she also won her category in Bodyfitness +168. Great job Kristine!!

Kristine Weber at backstages :)

Jakob Mar Jakobssen and me

There was also one representant from my gym in Oslo, Jakob Mar Johanssen who did his best and made our gym very proud of him! :)

Competing is no joke ;)
One of the sponsor's stands

We also had a chance to do a 'little' shopping during the show.

Proootein bars!
It was a wonderful day! Full of inspiration and positive emotions. I can recommend checking out this type of competition for everyone who is interested in training! :)

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