Friday, October 5, 2012

Back on track!

Hello 'Sport og Mosjon' again!

So qucikly I got back to my daily work and training routine!
Unexpectedly I had an aerobic class today. So after normal working day at the reception, I stucked in aerobic sal and train choreography.

I confronted what I have learned at my fitness course. I still have to find myself there, find my own style and proper music for my classes - that's my main thought after todays lesson.


It was very efectiv trening though! 2 hours and almoust 850 kcal burned!

High energy! Burn calories, burn!

When I got back home after 12 hours of work there were a veeery nice surprise waitntg for me - sussshiii :) Perfect post workout meal ;)

Dinner for two :)

We also bought tickets for tomorrows fitness&bodybuilding competition which will be in Concert Hall in Oslo. All of my favorites norwegian fitness girls in one place!

Tickets already bought!

Tomorrow's competition:

It will be my first time at competition like that, I am very courious what atmosphere will be there. Of course I am taking my camera with me! :)

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