Wednesday, February 27, 2013


protein gelly - so easy, so good!

Pro-jelly is a (yummy) side effect of my recent baking of protein tarta-cakes (check this out here).

I had a little protein filling left and I simply put it in the same baking form as I putted protein cakes. Then I freeze it for 10 minutes and then put for next 20 into the fridge. 

* 15g of protein powder 
* 1 spoon of powdered gelatinge
* water 
* quark and fresh berries for decoration

To make this kind of gelly you have to dissolve gelatine in water and add preferable quantity of protein powder. I used MyoProtein with mocca-chocolate flavour.

The effect was delicious! I used low fat yoghurt, fresh fruits and amonds for decoration!

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