Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Books I recommend: 'Kiss that frog' by Brian Tracy

Becoming familiar with Brian Tracy works definitely changed my life's perspective. It wasn't a dramatic change like from 'success stories reviews', but still it helped me to find right mental attitude towards life and goals achievement. 

For those, who are not familiar with this personality, please take a time and read a quick bio of this amazing guy. Shortly speaking, Brian Tracy a millionaire, businessman, motivational speaker and personal development guru. He believes in hard work, dedication and commitment to success. It is not that I am not critical towards Brian. Sometimes his life perspective seems to kind for me, naive we can say. But still, in priorities I think it is a very wise man and each time I read/hear his books, I fell optimistic and goal oriented. 

american edition of 'Kiss that frog book'

There are many books of Brian Tracy which are worth recommending: Psychology of Selling, for those of you who are into sales, Eat that frog, about determining the worst obstacles and dealing with them, Mircales fo Self Discipline about creating your daily routines and making self-oriented actions a habit and more. 

polish edition of 'Kiss that frog' book
Lately I've got his (and Christina Tracy's Stein) book called 'Kiss that frog' which refers to his previous book 'Eat that frog'. 
Current book is concentrating not only about determining the most difficult obstacles and dealing with them. It is about turning them from negative into positive. 

All book based on the story about princess and frog. Princess wanted very badly to married a prince, but she found only ugly frog. Frog told her that if she kiss it, he will transform into prince charming. Princess didn't know if she suppose to believe disgusting frog... Why should she believe? The frog was really ugly and the last thing she wanted was kissing it..
However, she gave herself a chance and kiss that nasty little creature. Frog turned to be a really handsome prince! 
Princess didn't let her fears stops and she gave a try, even if she wasn't sure if she will get what she want. She ended her life happily married to handsome prince.
It is of course a huge metaphor  for all obstacles and difficulties occurring in our lives. 

Tracy in his book gives 12 strategies for dealing with problems as well as revealing in simple words truths about our attitude.
Book is easy written, short and clear. It won't take you much time to read it :)

And what does Brian Tracy and his book can relate to *Nordic Fitnesss*?

It isn't about fitness at all, isn't it? Yeah, it is not. However, with proper mental attitude, you can achieve your goals faster, and deal with problems more effective. No matter if problems are financial, health or emotional nature. 

If you are looking for some positive lecture, little self-help guide, this will be the perfect position for you. 
If your mindset is correct, your body will follow!

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