Monday, April 29, 2013

New arrivals and Personal Trainer

How is your Monday? 
Mine was quite energetic with 30 minutes of cardio and happy surprise :) I started this week a pack from MyRevolution!

Now, I am-restock with new Better Bodies shaped jacket and whey protein :)

Better Bodies jacket - front
Better Bodies jacket - back
 Jacket is fitting great and back logo is so fresh, perfect for spring! Beside that, zip is very practical.

And another thing which came today, and from which I am very happy is MyRevolution's Protein Pulver. There are whey supplements on the market, but with MyRevolution's products I know that I get the best quality!
This type of protein is whey one, which is quickly absorbed by the body - perfect for the recovery after sleep and training. MyRevolution's protein powder is mocca chocolate flavoured.

3kg of the best whey protein! :)

When and why do I use protein supplements?

*I use my proteins in the morning, to my oats - instead of dairy products who doesn't like chocolate flavoured oats? ;)
*I drink my second protein shake after heavy workouts on training days to help build muscles and enrich my daily food intake with good source of pure protein.
*I also use proteins for baking and to my protein coffee to have my daily foods/drink more nutrient value.
*Why 3 kilos? It  is more efficient to buy one big package than few smaller.

What to read more about protein powders?

Here you can read more about protein powders.
And here you can find my review of MyoProtein from MyRevolution.

Last but not least - Personal Trainer worth recommending!

Let me introduce you to Alexander Öqvist.
Not only is he a gym freak, but most importantly, he is a great Personal Trainer with big knowledge and proper attitude. 

He can help you achieving your goals quicker and better by finding your weak points and improving your form and diet.

If you are struggeling with your training and eating routine, he is the right person to speak with! 

Alexander's offer can be found here

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