Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Qucik gym log

This week is special - first because of my birthday, secondly by a long weekend which starts tomorrow at 14 and lasts till Monday! :) 
We have a mountain/fiords trip scheduled and I really can't wait until we seat in the car an run off from Oslo

That is why my last days were intensive with trainings - from Sunday I made each day a gym day, keeping in mind that on weekend time I will only have mountain activities, chilling and sunbathing :)

Today was my leg day. Despite little laziness, I went to my local gym and made it a great workout. 
Last weeks I prefer to train at gym near my home, with more modern gym that the one I work in. The other factor is that in the new one, no one knows me, so it is very easy to focus on training.

cable leg kickback

Today's training consisted with:

* squats
* bulgarian lunges
* standing calf raises
* lying leg curls
* hanging leg raises
* cable leg kickback
* crunches with weight

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