Thursday, May 16, 2013

Up to the fiords!

And finally moment I've waited for so long, has come! We are about to leave Oslo for few days for mountain trip. Fiords are waiting! :)

Due to weather conditions, our trip to Trolltunga has to be postponed. Actually, conditions are good, but for those who want to ski ;) we were more into hiking, but with 20cm of snow, it won't be possible until mid of June.

So, we are starting our adventure from visiting Flåm - the best place in whole Norway, which is a 'Norway in a nutshell' for me. It has fiord, mountains, little Norwegian houses and outstanding nature all around. We will take for sure some mounting trip from there, since spring has already came to that region.

We are all packed, have lot of food supplies and positive attitude. I am about to relax and enjoy Norway!

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