Thursday, May 30, 2013

Meal prep master


Once you fight for better body and concentrating on your diet, preparation is the key! Everyone will fall off the track when he/she has to spend another 30 minutes for preparing healthy dish. 
With a little planning, you can made a positive and diet-friendly environment around you which will promote your goals :) 

roasted cod, salsa and vegetables with spoon of sesame oil

With leftovers from dinner (spaghetti bolognese for my husband to be) I made myself two lunchboxes for work. 
I used bolognese souse as salsa for my fish (just a simple cod baked in the oven with salt and pepper). Plus some more veggies (broccoli and courniflower), small spoon of sesame oil (for taste and healthy fats) and it's done! :) 

And here is a tip for great, healthy snack - carrots with greek yogurt dip. So simple, so good! Recently it is my favourite snack :)

carrots and greek yoghurt as dip - perfect snack :)

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