Sunday, February 3, 2013

Weekend's cake - two layers raspberries cheesecake

two-layers raspberries cheesecake 

I post this recipe on weekend from two reasons: 
First, weekend s a time when we can splurge a little more. Secondly, you will have more time for preparation than in a week full of job and other duties.

This cake is very easy to prepare, but you will need some time for getting proper consistency of each of the layers.


My main recipe based on previous cake I made. You can find it here.

This cake is a really healthy alternative for any other cakes - dough is rich in fiber and low in carbohydrates, quark part is rich in protein, all decorated with low-kcal jelly and fresh berries.

You will need:

* almond flour (or any other kind of flour, I used also FiberFin)
* 1 egg
* sukrin (or any other sweetener which can be bake in high temerature)
* 600g of quark or homogenised cheese (if you use quark, first mill it and t has smooth consistency)
* package of jelly (I used raspberry flavour)
* fresh berries
* gelatine (I used gelatine in plates, but you can use powdered one

I started with gelatine. I dissolved it in hot water and mix with quark. I used vannila quark, but I add also additional vanilla powder to have richer taste. Put your quark mixed with gelatine into cold place that all liquid will solidify.

easy and thin dough for a cake, no need to do more

Then work on your dough. This one was very easy: I basically mixed 2 scoops of almond flour with one scoop of FiberFin (it is not necessary to use it, but if you have it at home, you will make your dough richer in fiber) with 1 egg and little water (and sukrin to taste).
Spread the dough on a pan and pre-bake it in 220 degrees for 15 minutes. Then take the dough out ov the oven and let it cool down.

first half of a cake - dough with quark and berries on top - jelly layer will be next

Put a hald-solidify quark on a dough. Your quark base has to be tensed in order to stay on the dough layer.

Decorate the top with fresh berries and let the first layer of cake stay in a cold place for at least hour. 

raspberries are my favourite fruit; beside wonderful taste there are rich and vitamins and minerals and low in calories
Meanawhile prepare jelly. Follow the instructions ona  pacakge, it is all about simply dissolving it into hot water (but not cooking). And the same like with quark bese - let it tense in a pan first.

When your jelly is almost done, pour it out on a first quark layer. Decorate it with the rest of berries and let all the cake tensed in a cool place (fridge will be the best) for approximately 1 hour.

ready to enjoy :)

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