Monday, February 4, 2013

Preparation is the key

In rushy days try to plan your meals ahead. It is the thin I am currently working on. It will be easier to grab a lunch box and heat it than prepare each meal before you want to eat it. And you are sure that you won't eat any shitty just only because you were extremely hungry and there was nothing else to consume.
All the preparation is also time sparing - you cook rice/past/meat/veggies once and only divide them into portions. 
That is what I prepared yesterday: chicken/cooked salmon/baked salmon with spinach with rice/buckwheat and lots of veggies. There is also low carb homemade crispy bread for snacking.

From last week I try to incorporate this lunch box system for me and my beloved. Out kitchen looks like body-builders kitchen ;) hehe. 

Last week lunchboxes: chicken is soy souse with whole grain pasta and vegetables

 I basically use the same source of food for both me and my men, but with different proportions: more carbs and protein sources for him; for me less carbs, more veggies instead.

Another lunchboxes from last week: chicken curry with rice and veggies
Lunchboxes are life savers when you dropping home for only an hour (like I did now) and you already have you healthy meal prepared :)

Have a nice Monday! 

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