Friday, February 1, 2013

Training's variations

After Thursday's squats, there is a right time for Friday's variations :)

hip thrust/hip bridge variation with step under feet (makes exercise harder)

In order to see results, you have to challenge your body all the time
Body gets easy used to the same same routine, that is why running for 5km will not bring you the same great results as it did few months ago. 
The same is with strength training - in order to see the change, you have to gradually either increase weight or repetitions. I do not recommend to do more than 20 repetitions in one set, that is why some day in the future you will have to grab heavier weight/dumbell/barbell to challenge yourself :)

push up on step, you can also do plank in the same way ;)

Here are few examples of how you can change your old routine:

- if you are running - try intervals or play with trademill gradient
- if you are zumba fan - check out crossfit training or any other group training at the local fitness club which is completly different than dancing class
- if you are working out in the gym - try to involve step, bosu ball, gums, TRX to your training routine
- whatever type of activity you are doing now, try flexibility/balance training too - session of yoga or pilates might not burn hunderead of calories, but may bring you other benefits :)

Still doesn't see results? Work on you diet then! It might be the reason of the problem :) Only 30% resulkts comes from your workouts, the other 70% is from diet!

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