Saturday, November 3, 2012

Saturday food shopping

Shopping Saturday :)

There is definitely November in Norway. It is rainy, shine is covered by clouds and Oslo is less colourful than usual.
Gloomy Oslo's city center

However, days like this, especially when day are free from work, are geat for some shopping. Food shopping this time.

Gym Grossisten shop near Aker Brygge
First I visited Gymgrossisten shop, full of sport supplements. I bought only few protein bars from that place. Gymgrosisten online shop is definitely better stocked.

I always try to have some protein bar with me as a backup snack in emergency situations ;)

Then I visited charming little shop right at Karl Johans Gate where are plenty of dried fruits, nuts and other. 
Such a variety of choice!

Each of product is packed and well described. It is a great place for buying nuts, because you can choose between raw, with or without salt and with different combinations. 

I bought a pack of pumpking and sunflower seeds and a mix of unsalted raw nuts

In TGR there have plenty of natural spices (but some of them have some preservatives added, so be carefull while choosing). I resotred my spices stock there :)

Pepper with herbs and Californian onion powder :)

Last stop was my daily food shop - Rema 1000 where I bought things necessay to my future cooking/baking.

I will use this ingredients for this weekend's baking, recipe soon :)

Now I'm back home and my plan is only to relax, chill and do some good food for us :) 
Have a nice Saturday!

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