Friday, November 2, 2012

Reindeer for dinner

Yes, reindeer indeed. That may seem to be cruel for some of you, but what reindeer is here - in Norway (especially northern part) - like a cow in Poland. In Oslo you might not seen rendeers on the street ;) , however shops are full of meat of that kind recent days. 

Typical norwegian dish with reindeer's meat

In Norway there is a great tradition of preparing reindeer meat in different ways. But the most popular is one with souse and mashed potatoes with vegetables on a side.

Mine version of norwegian classic - reindeer meat with buckheat, vegtables and  beets

To prepare the dinner I used finnbiff which is reindeer meat cuted into thin slices. This further preparation makes meat easier to prepare.
Meat doesn't have to be defrost before preparation, but it is good to take it our from freezer 30 minutes before we start to do our disg.

Finnbiff has 130 kcal in 100 g, 14g protein (less than for example chicken breast) and 7g of fat. It is a kind of read meat, so it will have similiar taste as beef.

I added a souse to a pan and let meat cook for 30 minutes in it. This time I used souse from a pack. I wasn't sure which a good souse for reindeer meat should taste like, so I would rather count on souses which was meat directly for bushmeat.

Instead of using milk for souse, I added normal water, but in the last 15 minutes of cooking I added a spoon of sour cream to uive the souse beeter consistency.

And that is how the ready dish looks like :)

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