Monday, November 12, 2012

Pull-up - not only for men

I would like to present an exercise which is doing mostly by men, but it is ridiculously effective and I have no idea why women avoid it. 

Movement which you are doing while pulling up

Pull up is about hanging on a bar and pulling your weight up.

Muscles engaged

While doing pull ups, you are mostly using your back and shoulders muscles.

Technique - how to do it

Yeah, it is hard when you trying to do it without any help. You have to pull you whole body weight up.

Classic variant of pull up - start and end position

But there is a great machine, called Easy Power Station which makes this pulling up easier. It basically take the part of your weight down, that you can concentrate on technique and increase load gradually.

Easy Power station - you adjust the load (the less, the harder would it be), stand (or kneel) on the last stand and pull yourself up while having your knees on the step during movement

Grips - variations

The standard pull up has wide overhand grip:

Wide and overhand grip pull up
With a narrow and under hand grip you will be doing a variation of a pull up which is called chin up:

Pull up on Easy Power Station is a variation fo assisted pull up, the same as this one:

Assisted pull up variation (you can as well use chair)


Unisex exercise

I recommend this exercise (pull ups ad chin ups) both for men and women.

Well build back muscles will narrow each women's waist! So stop only exercising those small body muscles like ABS or biceps and work with big muscles groups!

Kristine Weber's perfect back muscles!

At home

Nowaydays there are many pull up bars in sports shops. You can buy those, put it on your doors and... train whenever you want!

Pull up bar for you at home gym

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  1. Why people avoid it? Because it's a horrible, HORRIBLE exercise!:( I know how effective and good it is. But whyyy does it have to suck so bad!?