Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Høypuls and weight training

My training for today: aerobic class called "høypuls" followed by weight training. 

Interval cardio trainings seems to be more effective in fatburning than low in insensitivity and long in time trainin - I will dedicate this topic another post :)

Høypuls is a form of group training where you working with intervals. While training we are doing simple moves, but increasing frequency gradually. Normally there are few 'tops' where your pulse should be very high, then you decrease intensiveness and again - working on next top. For me t was something like Body Attack but with not so aggressive tempos.

And then... gym time! Back&chest day!


* pullups on easy power station  3x12 30kg

* dips on easy power station 3x12 30kg
* seated row 3x12 30 kg 

lower back hyperxtensions exercise

* loweback hyperextensions 3x12 5 kg 

* obliques hyperextensions 3x10 


* chins on easy power station 3x12 30kg
* flies with dumbbells 3x12 6kg
chest press on smith machine (much, much easier than with a normal bench and barbell!)

* chest press 3x10 15kg

As you can see, recently in my weight training I am concentrating mostly on big muscles groups. While I am doing pull ups I am exercising biceps, triceps while I am doing dips and so on - no need to do an additional exercised for that small muscles. I hope that this strategy will bring me results! :)

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