Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Norwegians know how to train!

Recently there is a one video going on and on on YouTube:

This s a 17 years old girl (Suzanne) from Bergen which is in extremely good shape. She was filmed during her Cross Fit training.

Watching this video brings me to one, crucial conclusion:  

Norwegians know how to train!

* they are less afraid of heavy weight training
* they are open for professional help of Personal Trainers
* they do much about clean eating
* they are not afraid of using sport supplements like protein powders
* they are open for new trainings like Cross Fit and interval cardio

Why are Norwegian so good at this? 

My theory is that the main reason is about Norwegian society which is quite rich. Even thought there are some social differences between Norwegian, we can assume that they all living on a pretty high level.
Without problems with paying for basic stuff, they can use more energy and effort to take care of their health.



What with others?

Ok, if you are not lucky tu be Norwegian, you might ask - so why then with me? I think that still Europeans can incorporate Norwegian attitude towards training into their lives

* going for a long walk on Sunday costs nothing
* if you are already a fitness club member, you can as well visit that gym room which is next to aerobic room.
* you can still eat more clean and natural, normally fresh fruits and vegetables costs less that already prepared ones

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