Saturday, October 20, 2012

Why do I exercise?

Before friday's aerobic class in Sport og Mosjon

Some might ask that question. I found my passion and I so dedicated to it. The fact that I can earn money from that passion made my very lucky person!

So.. why do I exercise?

Energy level is hiiigh!

First of all for THAT FEELING. Feeling of enthusiasm after hard workout, when the endorphins goes all over my body. Feeling of doing something good for you body, but especially - psyche. Good seat is a remedy for daily worries.

2 hours and 870 calories burned from yesterday's workout! :D

Secondly to SEE THAT RESULTS. Whether there are burned calories or repetitions in some exercise, I always want to to more and better. Satisfaction after achieving it is priceless.

September form

Thirdly to SHAPE MY BODY UP - make it looks better and better. There is always something to work with :)  

Shrimps fried with butter and garlic

Fourth to EAT such a post-workout meal like that one above! Yesterday's supper was shrimps with fresh garlic with salad and baguette with garlic butter. 


And what is your reason for exercising? 
If it is only about loosing weight, you should change something in your trainings routine that it will gives you  more pleasure and other benefits :)

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