Friday, October 19, 2012

Fast food

Or should I rather use term 'quick food'?

When friends are comming with visit, there are always man things to do and no time to spend in the kitchen. It is the time for smart, quick and fast food.

Fish&pasta casserole  

Quick and filling casserole

For dinner, which quickly can be reheat, I prepared fish&pasta casserole. 

Salmon, cod and pollock pre-fried together on a pan for 5 minutes
I pre-fried (without oil) different types of fishes: cod, salmon and pollock. 

Fishes and veggies mixed together
Then I mixed it with vegetables and cooked whole grain pasta.
I added Lofotensouce to spoil all the ingredients and cheese on the top.

I roasted casserole for about 30 minutes in 200 degrees in the oven.

Lomper taco

For dinner (but it can be any other meal) I just served taco set which everyone can compose their selves.

Taco set ready to make!

This type of dinner is very popular in Norway right now! 
I didn't made ground meat thought, but served variety of hams, salad, paprika, different kind of cheeses (classic, cream and cottage) with different souses  - garlic, ketchup and raspberry jam with no sugar added. 

I choose heathier option than classic wheat tortillas. Instead of that we used norwegian lompers made from  selt flour. My favourite mix is a sweet taco - with cottage cheese and jam :)

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