Thursday, October 18, 2012

Getting more motivation for workouts

With my new trainings book - little thing, so much fun! :)

I love gadgets! Everyone one who now me personally, know that ;)

On Tuesday there were a great promotion at Training calendar was 100 nok cheaper from its a regular price. It costs 148 instead of 249 nok! And the delivery was for free (actually that shops always offer free delivery).

I bought that training book on Tuesday and on Wednesday it was already in my post box! What a nice surprise!
Training calenar from

That training calendar has five parts. It was made by Personal Trainers but the one disadvantage is that it is all in Norwegian. It might be a problem who those who does not speak this language (obviously!)

First part is about goal setting and personal tests. You can set your long-term goal and then break it into small goals. There is also a place for writing when the goal is planned to be achieved and it's actual achieving time. In tests part you can write different kind of measurements and repetition which then you can track :)

Weekly activity plan

Second part is about creating your week activity plan. There you have a place where you can write each activity you planned to do particular week. With a place for your comment and week efforts.

All activities diary

Third part is called "activities plan" where you can put all your activities (with no separation for weeks and months) with time, insensitivity, distance, comment and point in scale 1 to 6 for your activity quality. It a place where you can put a powerwalk with dog or crazy dancing night in.

Gym diary - great for everyone who loves strength training
Four part is dedicated to strength training. There you can find a place for writing each exercises with 3 sets and place for comments. You can also rank you training from 1 to 6. All charts are designed to simple progress tracking. 

Intervals part

Last but not least is intervals part. In charts you can put type of activities, your puls and sones in which were you trained as well as insensitivity of intervals. 

If you find that gadgets motivating - use them! :)

Of course you can do diary like that yourself. Just find some notebook and divide it into parts. Remember to set your goal and give yourself a decent time to achieve it.

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