Saturday, September 15, 2012

Few words about protein powders

These they are active, super busy with little time for meal preparation. Protein powder is a great solution for that - it gives me needed protein and I can use it by adding to yoghurt, oats or just mix with water. 

So many product to choose from

I don't know why. but taking supplements like that is something very unusual in Poland. It is said that all that proteins and stuff are only for big guys building huge muscles. In Norway it's different. Many people use supplements like that no mater if it is a girl or a guy. 
Protein powder won't make you bulky! Too many calories in diet - yes, but no protein powder itself. So, like in many things, portion size is crucial. If you add protein powder as a replacement for clean source of proteins to your meal, it can only help you . Increasing your daily calories intake by anyway (also by adding additional protein) can make you bigger, no matter with kind of food is it.

Mocca Chocolate perfect for protein coffee and morning oats

In Norway I use most of the time MyoProtein from MyRevolution. However, with luggage restrictions it was impossible for me to take it with my to Poland. That is why I decided to try some local supplements.
Polish market has variety of protein powders. You can find everything, each kind (isolate, concentrate etc.), low budget and expensive one. However, these product are devoted mostly to men. Example? For my polish trip I bought really great protein powder. Great solution for me, because it is already portioned and in different tastes. But the package?! Huge body builder with thousand of veins! No wonder why women in Poland think that protein powder may not help them...
CFM Protein 82, great product in terrible package

However, the product which I bought is really great. Reasonable price, high quality of protein (82g for 100g product) and it is really tasty! I got 30 pack of 25g size portions in 4 different tastes - vanilla, coconut, chocolate and banana. And I have t say - producer - Vitalmax is a king of tasteful products! I bought CFM Protein in polish shop which is official distributor of Vitalmax supplements in Poland. Perfect help and service!

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