Friday, September 14, 2012

Recent days in Torun

Recent days went sooo qucikly! And without internet it was really hard to share them with you.
It is always sooo good to visit my homeciety, Torun. My cats went crazy and my heart is broken again that I had to leave them in Poland.

Best furry weight ever
There was a time for at home training, 35 minutes morning cardio on cross trainer and some strenght training with at home equipement.

Ready for power walk
On Wednesday me and my friend went for a looong walke into the forest next to my house. There was a rainy weather, but after experience of leaving in Norway, rain doesn't scare me anymore :)
Almost 10 km in the forest

I found those two souces below in one of shops with supplements and already tried chocolate souce - mmmm, yummy :)

Low fat&low carb walden Farm souces
And now I am already in Warsaw, where my fitness course begin tomorrow. I'm excited to finally start it!

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