Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fitness course

Few words about my recent days - as I already wrote, I am in the moddle of my fitness course. After that I will be wel certifate fitness instructor with title recognized in whle Europe.

Each day I woke up early, taking many busses to get to the other prt of Warsaw and then.. train. 
Most classes are taking place in in Aplauz Fitness Studio which is a place where are many areobic rooms and old school gym in the basement :) Working with music, counting and basicly masterng my skills :) After aerobic traning I'm normalny go back home and study fitness theory. I have my first exam on Saturday, which is theory and my practical one on Sunday next week. 

I have to say that choosing course in Poland was one of the best decision. First of ll, it is 5 times (!!!) cheaper than in Norway. Secondly, it is much easier to learn things first in your native language. Thirdly (and probably most importantly) the level is very high and I really can learn a lot from our instructor.
Few words about him. His name is Tomasz Zamiela and he's pretty known in polish fitness word. He invented Total Muscle Training which is basically one of training varation which can be trained both at aerobic lesson and at home. Tomek has patience and experience which are crucial in this business :)

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