Wednesday, July 3, 2013

London's reality

LIt is my third full day in London. No gym yet, no new routine as well.

After seeing how bad English people are eating, I become even more obsessed with the foods I am consuming. 

new findings in local shop: philadelphia cheese 3% fat, greek yoghurt 0%, fat reduced houmous

Nice surprise was definitely variety of food in local shops and full of lighter options of regular products. Prices are also way more cheaper than in Norway!

My no-gym training last three days consisted of:
* jog/intervals on Monday
* at home weight training on Wednesday

10 minutes jog, mixed gigh and low intervals outside (approx. 45x45sec), 20 minutes jog plus some push ups. dips and lunges in a park

At home strneght training:
* lunges
* goblin squats
* hanging leg raises
* bent over row
* overhead triceps extensions 
* lateral side raises 
* plank

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