Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Awesome training (many pics)!

triceps overhead extensions
To be honest, I never thought that I will have a boyfriend who shares my passion for gym. But my dreams came true and now he will be mu husband! 
Later on, I didn't suppose to have friends wind similar interest and passion, but... it came true too! 

bb stiff deadlifts

Four of us had an amazing training yesterday in West London. Another gym to checked! This time Energy gym at Acton.
ass to the grass - wide squats ;)

We made a circuit training and I trained with lovely Ania :) Guys trained on their own hand. Beside new experience, we had a chance to tray Vapor pre-workout from MuscleTech which is a real strong thing! Do not overdo with recommended scoop intake ;) unless you don't want to have heart problems ;)

my favorite exercise for shoulders: bb close grip upright row
 On yesterday'straining we made:
* kettlebell swing for warming up
* db bent over row 
* close grip bb upright rows
* squats
* deadlifts
* calf raises with bb
* db overhead pullover
* shoulder press
* triceps overhead db extensions
* pull-ups (assisted)
* dips (assisted)

db overhead pullover for chest

And after proper training Ania made us delicous (and spicy!!!;)) dinner. It was a dish from Stoppani's recipe: beef stir fry for brown.

It was really great evening, I hope to have more of those here, in London :) As Ania mentioned, we made 2 training programs together but only yesterday we had a chance to train side by side and it was amazing :)

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