Sunday, May 5, 2013

Productive weekend and form pictures

What I was doing while my beloved is recording a new Lost Soul's album in Poland? Spending time at my local gym!!

This was a training and social productive weekend. 
I have to say that my training energy this week was very high, I did my best went heavy and results which are coming from such trainings are pleasing me.

from my today's back&biceps workout

On Saturday I did leg day - with leg press, leg extensions and leg curls. On Sunday back&biceps together with 30 minutes of intervals on treadmill.

It is the end of week six of Lean Body programme and I start to see some good changes in my body - more muscles for sure. 
I will take proper form pictures on Wednesday, but here is a sneak peak of what it look like right now in my leg area:

Did you train this weekend? We have a wonderful sunny weather in Oslo, I hope you have sun too!

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