Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Supplies from Poland

Tomorrow I have my flight from Gdansk to Oslo. This means that it is my last full day in Poland and the best time to make some supplies.

Everything is cheaper in Poland than in Norway.. but I have limitations in my plane language, that's why I will take only essential things with me which are worth carrying.

On my shopping list you can find:
- different kinds of teas (especially white and green)
- light diary (5% fat cheese, light greek yoghurt)
- polish ham ans sausages (the best in the world!)
- few chocolate products
- Fitness Authority protein powder, raspberry flavour (1kg in price 150nok which is 50%!!! cheaper than in Norway)
- Walden Farm's caramel dip (so sugar, little calories)
- protein bars (different types, not everything is included in photo)

last coffee in the city centre in brand new clothes

Beside that I'm going back to Oslo with a bunch of new cool clothes and great books to read! :) Not mentioning cosmetics which I will use for next few months :)

Swedish criminal and book about Arnold Schwarzenegger are few of my new comers

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