Thursday, April 4, 2013

Seriuos gym workout!

Travelling and Easters gave me little time for exercising this week. I manage to do some cardio, but my gym trainings from my Lean Body scheldue were neglected. 

not the best pic of me, just a quicky

I decided to combine 3 small split workouts in one full body training to keep on track with my schedule. This results in pretty hard gym workout and my muscles will definitely feel it tomorrow ;)

overhead dumbbell extensions
Today's full body workout contained of:
* (chest) bench press
* (chest) incline flyes
* (shoulders) bent over side laterals
* (shoulders) seated dumbbell press
* (triceps) dips
* (triceps) overhead dumbbell extensions
* (back) dumbbell row
* (back) underhand pulldown
* (back, harmstrings) barbell deadlift
* (biceps) alternate dumbell curl
* (legs) leg press
* (legs) leg extensions
* (harmstrings) seated leg curls
* (calfs) seated calf raise
* (calfs) standing calf raise
* (abs) ab crunch machine
* (abs) hanging leg raises

Yes, maaaany exercises BUT with little breaks between sets and each exercises, I managed to do it n 60 minutes! Not bad, isn't it? :)
vitamin bomb after workout - oranges, natural low fat quark, chia seeds and coconut chips on top

Have a nice Thursday!

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