Friday, March 29, 2013

Norwegian Easter

As far as I observed, Norwegian are all about celebrating and getting into right celebration mood. 
I think it is very good to celebrate tiny little things, to make your life more colourful - Norwegians obviously know that too!

Easter goodies - lots of chocolate and marzipan

Shops were filled with Easter goods for about two month ago. 
Easter treats, Easter eggs, yellow flowers - everything which is yellow, with bunny or egg has its priority place in the shop shelves.

So how Norwegians celebrate Easter (norw. påske)? Few things catches my attention:
present boxes in shape of eggs
  • presents (most of the times candies) are packed in egg-shaped packages

  • it is a time of cross country skiing and having mountain trip
    'typisk norsk' tour kit

  • trips to country houses are the standard 
  •  Kvikk Lunsj (chocolate waffle) and oranges are THE MUST on that trips
  • it is more about celebrating outside than inside
påske krim - also on to-do list during Easter
  •  at least one criminal novel has to be read during Easter time 
For me Norwegians are spending their Easter in a very active way which is one we should learn from them! :)


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